Lotto Futura 100 Review

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The Lotto Futura 100 features water repellent microfiber that is stitched to maintain shape for durability and lightweight comfort. ReActive arch moves with the natural arch of the foot for maximum cushioning.  TPU outsole with Lotto’s Twist ‘N’ Go pivoting stud for traction during quick changes of pace.

Comfort/ Fit

The Lotto Futura 100 is definitely one of the more comfortable thin synthetic boots currently on the market. I say that because the synthetic upper is soft and the shoe is very solid and supportive. The upper is Lotto’s microfiber that is up to par with the premium synthetics on the market. The upper is a little stiff from right out of the box, but softens up pretty quickly. There is some break-in time but that is the case with most synthetics, and I felt comfortable in these after only about an hour of use, so no big deal.

After break-in, these are some of the most comfortable synthetic soccer shoes available. The upper is thin, which usually places boots in the lightweight category, meaning that they are usually less comfortable and less supportive. This is where this shoe is completely unique, in that it is thin and has that bare foot feel, but they are not ultra-light, and instead offer a more solid feel.  What I mean by this is that the fit in the heel is deep, the sides of the shoes are not low cut and the outsole is very rugged. It seems like a strange combo on paper, and even I was skeptical of whether or not this shoe even makes sense, but when you actually wear them, it’s great. The heel is lined with a synthetic leather material that grabs your heel quite nicely, and in combination with the very deep fit, your heel will be locked in place, which is always important in order to maintain a secure fit while still being comfortable. The tongue is the same material as the upper and is also the same thickness, which is something that I love to see and is a complaint I have about a lot of shoes. The lacing system is your standard central lacing, which in my opinion, is still the best is you want the best fit possible.

The outsole on that Lotto uses is honestly one of my favorites. It has an ever so slightly wider forefoot, provides the perfect amount of stiffness and with the added heel counter, is very stable. The insoles are also some of the nicest that you can get in a soccer shoe, offering decent arch support, something that is not found in 90% of soccer shoes on the market. The Futura 100 is generous in terms of width and will fit pretty much any foot type comfortably. I wore my usual size 9US for review, and they fit perfectly in the length. If you are planning on ordering a pair, I would recommend going with your usual size.


This is where I was confused by what the Futura 100 was trying to do. These boost weigh in at a slightly below average weight of 9.8oz. By no means is this a heavy shoe, as it still lighter than most soccer shoes on the market, but it not what people have come to expect from a thin synthetic soccer shoe. When the Nike Vapor was first introduced, as the worlds first lightweight, thin, synthetic soccer shoe, the rest of the soccer world followed. This is why you generally do not see thin synthetic shoes weigh above 8oz, simply because this has become the established weight criteria to be considered a “speed” boot. While the Futura 100 does not offer ultra-lightweight, it does offer everything that you lose from any other lightweight shoe on the market, which is a solid feel, support and generally comfort.


I am a big fan of conical stud patterns, and this particular one is definitely a good one. The stud pattern uses a pretty standard conical stud configuration, but differentiates itself by using conical studs that have a slightly larger diameter than you see from more traditional stud patterns, like that of the Adidas Copa Mundial. This makes for a very stable feel when running. The whole stud pattern seems to have been designed with agility in mind. I say this because the larger conical studs do not dig in very deep into the ground when you plant your foot, so you always have some kind of freedom of movement at the ankle, even when your foot is planted. This is incredibly important for avoiding injury, and something that a lot of bladed stud patterns just don’t provide. The stud pattern also features Lotto’s Twist ‘N’ Go stud, which is located under the big toe. Basically it is a spinning stud that is supposed to enhance your ability to change direction, while also decreasing risk of injury. It is a good idea as a concept, but in terms of function, if you didn’t tell me it was there, I would have never noticed it was even there. In other words, don’t expect to feel more agile due to the stud, as I feel that it is more of a gimmick than anything. Anyways, this sole plate stud pattern is one of my personal favorites, and will provide great traction on any surface.


Synthetics have become so mainstream in modern soccer shoes, that companies are now being forced to venture into the synthetics market. While this is good in theory, more options for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the final product will be good. What I mean by this is that lots of companies are producing synthetics, but not may are producing good synthetics. Luckily, Lotto does not fall into the bad synthetic category, as the Futura 100 uses one of the best thin synthetics that I have used. It’ tough to describe a synthetic because each of them is so different from each other, so I usually compare it to what I consider to be the best thin synthetic on the market, which is that of the Nike Mercurial line. I would describe the synthetic on the Futura 100 as a less stiff Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III synthetic, with a twist. I know that sounds a little confusing, but I can explain. The touch of the boot is very much a close to the foot, almost barefoot feel, which is great. The twist is that I found this particular synthetic to have an ever so slightly cushioned quality to it. It has this very light dampening quality that I found to be very unique, and is something that no other synthetic that I have worn provides. What I am getting at is that this is a very high quality synthetic, that matches the Mercurial line in quality and feel.


Shooting in these boots is pretty barebones in terms of what you feel when the ball makes contact with the foot. They are thinner, so you do feel all of the ball when you strike it. Coming back to what makes this boot so unique, while you do get that feel of a thin synthetic, you also get that the supportive, deep fit at the ankle, making for a more solid feel when striking the ball. Other than that, shooting with these boots is great.


If you have ever worn, or even felt a Lotto boot, you know how well made their shoes are. The quality of materials is of the highest quality and it all comes together to create a very solid boot. One thing that I know worries a lot of people is Lotto’s Twist ‘N’ Go stud, simply because it is a moving part, and moving parts tend to break. I can assure you that it will not. I have even taken a shot at breaking one off on purpose, and failed. It will not break, and neither will these shoes. If you need a pair of boots that you can depend on for the entire season, the Futura 100 is a great option.


Being that the upper is on the thin side, these will not provide the most protection should you get stepped on. That being said, if you do choose to wear thin soccer shoes, you are taking that risk yourself, and should not be worrying about getting stepped on. The external plastic heel counter will provide some solid protection from the back, which is always a plus. One other thing to consider is that the stud pattern is very good as a preventative caution against joint injuries. So if you do struggle with reoccurring knee and ankle injuries, you may want to give these a look.

The Verdict

To be completely honest with you, I did not expect much from these boots at all. The idea of having a thin synthetic soccer shoe that was not light seemed a little backwards to me, but after using them, I no longer see the problem. The Futura 100 makes the bold move of going against what has become the norm, and trying something different, and it works. I always found myself to like the feel of the thin synthetic, but very rarely would I like the rest of the shoe. The Futura 100 allows you have that feel without sacrificing the feel of a solid soccer shoe. If all of this sounds good to you, the Lotto Futura 100 is definitely a boot that you should give a try.

Comfort/Fit9 out of 10
Weight7 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection9 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE60 out of 70 or 86%
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