Diadora Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 Review

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Diadora Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 Review

The Diadora Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 offers one of the most unique feels of any soccer shoe on the market, and it makes for a shoe that fits great and is comfortable from the first time that you put them on. The upper made from very high quality kangaroo leather, but through a unique tanning process, the natural padding of the leather is not there, so you are left with what is essentially what feels like the nicest synthetic upper you have ever seen. The upper feels very thin, but is also very flexible and soft, something that you just don’t see from any kind of thin upper. This means that when your foot flexes, the upper will not bunch up and crease in the forefoot like a synthetic would, mainly because the leather upper is so soft and flexible. Putting this shoe on your foot for the first time, you will notice the upper wrap your foot almost perfectly, where you can actually see the shape of your foot at the toes and forefoot area. The upper is so soft and thin enough to wear is just instantly takes on the shape of your foot, something that can take a very long time for a synthetic to do, and even then the fit would probably not be this good. Since the upper is leather, it will also stretch to any foot width to make for a perfect fit.

The width of the shoe is about a normal width from brand new, but in a very short amount of time, they will take on the shape of your foot and makes for a very comfortable fit. The central lacing system allows for you to tighten the shoe really nicely for the best fit possible. You will also notice a low cut in the heel area, similar to what you would find with most speed boots. The heel is lined with a soft synthetic leather, locking your heel in place, while the rest of the shoe is lined with a very thin synthetic suede material, to offer optimal comfort. The sole of the shoe is also very flexible and gives off no stud pressure, making this a very turf friendly shoe. Sizing is going to be very important with this shoe, mainly because they do fit a little long. Where I would normally wear a size 9US, I required a size 8.5US in the Evoluzione, and the fit was perfect. I strongly recommend going down half a size if you are looking for the best possible fit. The Evoluzione is probably the most comfortable, thin soccer shoe on the market.


The Diadora Evoluzione K Pro weighs in at an average 9.6oz, which is not heavy by any means, but it isn’t on the lightweight side either. Diadora has done something very special with the upper on the Evoluzione, but what Diadora never seems to do is compromise quality to shave weight. Comfort will always rule over weight, and in comparison to other full leather soccer shoes, the Evoluzione is right on par with the competition in terms of weight. The Evoluzione is certainly not going to weigh you down.


The Evoluzione uses the same GX 14 sole plate and stud pattern as the Solano and the DD Eleven, and it is great. I am a really big fan of simple, conical stud patterns, and I really feel like the stud pattern on the DD Eleven is a good one. If you were wondering what the “GX 14” stands for in the name, it is essentially the stud pattern and sole plate, which is composed of 14 conical studs. The reason why this is such a good stud pattern is because of how evenly dispersed the studs are, meaning that there is an equal amount of room from stud to stud. Not only does this ensure that you will have good traction no matter what part of the foot that you’re pushing off of, it also means that the feel of the stud pattern will be very smooth and comfortable. If you play a lot of soccer on turf fields, this is probably one of the best stud patterns to use, not only because it provides good traction, but it will also be very comfortable. The studs themselves are about a medium length, which means that there is plenty of stability, even if the playing surface is a little harder. If you have never tried a conical stud pattern, this is a great option for your first time, because it really is great.


For me, the highlight of wearing a Diadora is the unique feel that they provide. I’ve said before that I felt that Diadora uses some the of best leather quality of any company, so leave it them to take an already premium material that is kangaroo leather, and transform into easily the most unique upper that I have ever used on a soccer shoe. Essentially what Diadora has done, is used a special tanning process on the leather that takes away the natural padding of the material, leaving you with a material that is soft and flexible like leather, but is also very thin, like a synthetic. I’m sure that what you want to know is how it feels, and the answer to that question is somewhat unexplainable. The touch on the ball seriously does feel like a blend of leather and synthetic, where the touch on the ball is very thin and close to the foot, but there is still an element of softness that you get from leather. It is a really good feeling that I think that anybody would like, whether or not they prefer leather or synthetic soccer shoes. The upper also has a matte finish, which feels great on the ball and is also a great finish for any kind of weather conditions. The Evoluzione is that middle ground between leather and synthetic, a feel that is completely unique to this particular shoe.


Given that the upper of the shoe features no striking elements or any kind of “shooting enhancers”, the Evoluzione feels really good. Again, it is unique in that you get that thin feel when striking the ball, but there is still that little bit of natural adding from the softness of the leather. The tongue has just a little more padding than the rest of the upper, so there is just a little extra padding when striking the ball with the laces. It is also worth noting that the ankle/heel area is more low cut, so you have more freedom of movement at the heel, similar to most speed boots. The soleplate of the Evoluzione also provides a solid amount of stiffness when striking the ball, which is great.


This is a tricky one, mainly because the upper of the boot is thin, but because it is still leather, there is some minor padding that will provide some protection. To say the least, I guess that you could say that of any thin soccer shoe out there, this one will probably be the safest. There is an internal plastic heel counter as well, so kicks from the back shouldn’t be much of an issue. Should you get stepped on in these boots, you are certainly going to feel it, but you might not be on the ground in pain like you would be in a synthetic boot of the same thickness.


Diadora always puts out a very high quality product, and the Evoluzione is no different. I was really happy with the overall solid feel of the shoe. Due to the unique treating of the leather, the upper will stretch, but very little, meaning that it will maintain its shape for a longer period of time. The shoe itself is very simple, so there are very few things that could go wrong. It is worth noting that the upper is made from a natural material, so some maintenance is required for it to maintain the same softness and feel.

The Verdict

Soccer shoes are all about technology and innovation these days, but it is not often that something truly unique comes around. The Diadora Evoluzione K Pro is a sleeper in that it introduces what is essentially a brand new material for soccer shoes. It truly does combine the best of both worlds between leather and synthetic, offering a fit and feel unlike any other shoe on the market. Not to mention that it is a very comfortable shoe and features a soleplate and stud pattern that can be used on any type of surface. This is not a shoe that you can really compare to anything else out there as it truly is unique, something that is becoming a rarity when it comes to soccer shoes. I would recommend this shoe to anybody looking for something truly unique or somebody looking to try something new. Trust me when I say that this is a shoe that anybody can appreciate and that everybody will like.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection7 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE60 out of 70 or 86%
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