Umbro Speciali 3 Pro Review

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The Umbro Speciali 3 Pro is a very well designed shoe that incorporates quite a few unique elements that make it a very solid shoe. The upper is made from very high quality kangaroo leather that feels a little on the stiffer side at first and from right out of the box is not going to impress you with its softness. When I first put this shoe on my foot and tied the laces tight, I was surprised at how tight that they felt in the forefoot, almost uncomfortably tight, but when you are talking about a kangaroo leather soccer shoe, this is a good thing.

Most modern soccer shoes have a very wide, predetermined width, even on leather soccer shoes, so when the leather stretches, you end up with a shoe that fits a little bit sloppy, unless you have a very wide foot. The Umbro Speciali 3 Pro is unique in that it fits like a more traditional leather soccer shoe would fit from right out of the box, stiff and narrow, which is a good thing. Give the Speciali 3 a couple of hours to loosen up, and you will get a shoe that forms to your foot beautifully. The kangaroo leather upper goes from being stiff and slightly uncomfortable, to soft and flexible. The shoe fits perfectly to your foot after the upper stretches a little.

You know that you have a nice tight fit when you can comfortably jog around with your laces untied. The liner is also fantastic, and is the perfect blend of cushioning, suede and synthetic leather. The main section of the liner is a very nicely padded synthetic leather that does a fantastic job of locking your heel in place, while the side of the heel is lined in suede. The tongue is also great. It is a thin synthetic material with a thick layer of memory foam running straight down the middle, allowing you to pull the laces as tight as you would like, without any lace-bite. As far as sizing goes, these fit very true to size. While you may feel that the width is very tight at first, as long as you go with your normal size, they will stretch and fit perfectly. The Speciali 3 fits true to size, as I wore my usual size 9US for review and they fit great. Keep in mind that they may be uncomfortable in the width the first time that you put them on, but stick with them and give them some time to break-in, and trust me, they will form perfectly to your feet.


This shoe weighs a little on the lighter side, in comparison to its competitors, weighing in at 9.2oz. This is below the average weight for a soccer shoe, and for the amount of quality that is packed in to these boots, they are surprisingly lightweight. These shoes are definitely not going to weigh you down, and personally, I think the weight is perfect for this kind of shoe.


The stud pattern on the Umbro Speciali 3 Pro is exactly the same as what you will find on the Nike Tiempo Legend IV, but that is definitely not a bad thing. The stud pattern is comprised of conical studs in the forefoot and bladed studs at the heel. This is honestly one of my favorite stud patterns to use, mainly because of how versatile it is. It performs well on nearly any surface and provides a very good blend of grip and agility. This is one stud pattern that you see a lot of pros wearing, and for good reason. If you are going to playing on several different surfaces, this is a stud pattern that is going to work well for you.


The quality of the kangaroo leather on this shoe is great. It provides a solid amount of cushion when touching the ball, creating a very nice, soft touch. With the laces being slightly off-center to the outside of the shoe, you have a very clean surface on the inside of your foot when touching the ball. Other than that, there isn’t much to explain. You get the touch of very soft, tightly wrapped to your foot, kangaroo leather, a feel that you can’t go wrong with.


Shooting with the Speciali 3 Pro is mostly what you would expect from a more traditional kangaroo leather soccer shoe. You get the feel of a slight cushion between your foot and the ball when you strike through it. You’re also going to get an offset lacing system, so the “strike zone” is going to be a little cleaner than if the laces had been in the middle of the shoe. To sum it up, shooting with these shoes is not going to surprise you, but it certainly won’t disappoint. Protection The thicker kangaroo leather provides a solid amount of protection should you get stepped on. There is also a substantial amount of memory foam in the tongue, and an internal plastic heel counter will also provide a fair amount of protection. The Speciali 3 Pro is going to provide plenty of protection.


The Speciali 3 Pro is a very well built soccer shoe. It feels incredibly solid in your hands and the leather is soft, while still maintaining a level of rigidity, which is important if you want your shoe to last. Since they have such a tight fit from brand new, they are not going to overstretch, and as long as you keep up on occasional maintenance of the leather, these are going to be some of the more durable kangaroo leather boots on the market.

The Verdict

The Umbro Speciali 3 Pro is special in that it offers that modern feel, while still maintaining the traditional fit that you can only get from the classics. It is one of those shoes that goes from being a shoe that feels alright, to a shoe that feels amazing. Give it some time to break-in and soften up, and you will be left with a boot that is easily one of the best in its class. It is a near perfect blend of simplicity with some modern touches that make for a spectacular end result that is the Speciali 3. If you are on the market for a pair of traditional kangaroo leather soccer shoes, you should strongly consider the Umbro Speciali 3 Pro.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability9 out of 10
FINAL SCORE61 out of 70 or 87%
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