Lotto Fuerzapura II 100 Review

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The Lotto Fuerzapura II 100 benefits from a water-repellent, super soft kangaroo leather upper, uniquely stitched to hold the materials shape for durability and elite performance. Lotto’s Twist ‘N’ Go pivoting stud, lessens the impact of stress on the joints, through rapid change of direction, while also improving agility.

Comfort/ Fit

I have to say that I was really happy with how this shoe fits and how comfortable it is from right out of the box. The upper of this shoe is unique in that it uses two types of materials on the upper. The front part of the shoe is a very soft, high quality kangaroo leather, while the mid foot area a very firm, structurally supportive synthetic material. This makes for a very soft feel where you want it, and a stiffer more supportive feel everywhere else. The Nike Tiempo Legend IV uses a similar type concept, with kangaroo leather at the front of the shoe with a synthetic Kanga-Lite midfoot, but I really feel like Lotto has done the best job at finding the right combination of materials. Like I said, the Kangaroo leather on this boot is some of the best quality on the market, which is to be expected from a company like Lotto. The combination of materials allows for a very soft feel at the front of the shoe, with a very firm, fit in the midfoot, where the upper grabs the inside arch of your foot. The synthetic midfoot also does a great job at locking your foot in place, something that I always seem to have some kid of issue with in most full leather soccer shoes. The heel is lined with a synthetic leather material that keeps your heel locked in at all times and is overall very comfortable. The tongue is a very thin, leather-like material that has no padding at all, but does have some thickness to it. It does a good job of eliminating any possibility of lace bite, and fits the shoe very well. Like the other high end Lottos, these come with some really good insoles that do provide some arch support, something that is somewhat rare in most soccer shoes. In terms of width, these are definitely on the wider side all the way through, so they will fit nearly any foot type. I have narrow to regular width feet and had no problems wearing these boots. Sizing is also pretty straight forward. I wore my regular size 9US for review and they fit well. You could go half a size down if you really want to depend on them stretching, but for the most part, just go with your normal size.


These shoes weigh in at an average weight of 10oz, which is about the same as the other boots that I feel it is competing with. I feel that the weight is perfect for this kind of shoe. When you go from a lightweight soccer shoe, to wearing a shoe like this, you will really notice how much comfort that you are sacrificing. Like I always stress, weight is not as important as everybody thinks.


I am a big fan of conical stud patterns, and this particular one is definitely a good one. The shoe uses a pretty standard conical stud configuration, but differentiates itself by using conical studs that have a slightly larger diameter than you see from most traditional stud patterns, like that of the Adidas Copa Mundial. This makes for a very stable feel when running. The whole stud pattern seems to have been designed with agility in mind. I say this because the larger conical studs do not dig in very deep into the ground when you plant your foot, so you always have some kind of freedom of movement at the ankle, even when your foot is fully planted. This is incredibly important for avoiding injury, and something that a lot of bladed stud patterns just don’t provide. The stud pattern also features Lotto’s Twist ‘N’ Go, which is the one stud located under the big toe. Basically it is a spinning stud that is supposed to enhance your ability to change direction, while also decreasing your risk for injury. It is a good idea as a concept, but in terms of functionality, if you didn’t tell me that it was there, I would have never noticed it was even there. In other words, don’t expect to feel more agile due to the Twist ‘N’ Go stud, as I feel that it is more of a gimmick than anything. Anyways, this sole plate and stud pattern is one of my personal favorites, and will provide great traction on any surface.


The touch on these shoes is great. The leather is really soft and super high quality. I would say that the thickness of the leather is ever so slightly thicker than other leather boots from Nike and Adidas, but I actually prefer this thickness of leather. It just gives a slightly more cushioned feel, something that soccer shoes seem to really be getting away from. It reminds me of how a traditional soccer shoe should feel, soft and clean. The synthetic material that is used in the midfoot also offers somewhat of a unique feel on the ball. The finish on the synthetic has these somewhat aggressive ridges, flowing slightly off horizontally down the sides of the boot, as well as the outside of the front of the shoe. This unique texture does a pretty good job of killing the spin of the ball, making it somewhat of a control element on the boot. Whether this was intended or not, I found it nice to have on the boot, instead of just having a smooth finish. The synthetic areas of the boot don’t seem to be as padded either, so those sections of the boots will feel a little bit different on the ball. Overall, I can’t say that I have ever worn a boot that feels like this one. It does feel totally unique.


There are no shooting elements on this boot at all, and it does not claim to enhance your shooting ability. That being said, there are elements of this shoe that I feel are good attributes for shooting, with the first of them being the tongue. Whenever you have a central lacing system, the tongue becomes a very important element of the shoe, since every time that you strike the ball, it will make contact with the tongue. The tongue on this boot is a very firm leather. It has no padding, but it does have some thickness, so it isn’t going to feel like you are striking the ball barefoot. Instead, you get that feeling of very high rebound, which is great. The soleplate also provides some really good stiffness. Shooting in these boots is not going to surprise you, but it isn’t going to let you down either.


Lotto is known for very high build quality, as well as using very good materials in their shoes, and the Fuerzapura II 100 is no different. The shoe feels very solid in your hands, as well as on your feet. The leather is very high quality, and as long as it is properly maintained, will not tear. The tough synthetic midfoot section will also help with durability, as the shoe will not be able to over stretch. The soleplat will also provide lasting stiffness. If you are worried about the Twist ‘N’ Go stud, don’t because it is nearly indestructible. Whether you wear it on grass or turf, you should have no issues with it breaking.


I would say that these shoes are moderately protective, and would work great, if you’re usually the one doing the tackling. The leather upper is not overly thin, so you do have some protection should you get stepped on. There is also a plastic heel counter that will provide some decent protection as well.

The Verdict

This is a classically styled boot, with some modern touches. I really liked the combination of leather and synthetic on this shoe, and I feel that you somewhat get the best of both worlds, given that you do prefer a leather boot. The fit and feel of this boot is very solid and they will fit nearly any foot type. In comparison to the Nike Tiempo Legend IV, the Adidas adipure IV and even the Puma King Finale, the Lotto Fuerzapura II 100 is totally up to par, if not better than its competitors. If you are looking for a well priced, very high quality leather soccer shoe, these may be what you are looking for.

Comfort/Fit9 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE60 out of 70 or 86%
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