Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra Review

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The Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra is one of the only laceless boots on the market and that makes people turn away from even considering this boot. Will it fit me? The answer is maybe.  If you have narrower shaped feet, than you should have no problems with these boots. If you have wider feet then you will have a hard time with wearing these unique boots. They do fit true to size as I wore my usual size 9US, but if you do want to wear these boots, make sure that you get a size that will fit you with minimal space in the boot lengthwise. If you have too much space you will get blisters repeatedly because the boot will never fit you properly. Luckily for me, I do have fairly narrow feet and had no problems in terms of blistering. The break in period is there, but lasts only about half an hour should you have the right fit. I did not suffer from any blisters and I did wear these 6 hours straight, out of the box. Not bad for a laceless shoe. The fit on the other hand is quite unique to say the least. Once you get them on, which is not hard at all if you were wondering, they lock your heel in place. The part of the shoe on top of your foot is rubberized on the inside so your foot does not slip around. Most of the tightness comes from the sides of the boot. It almost feels like Nike’s flywire would feel, but not to that extreme. The fit is tight overall, but not super tight, so if you like your shoes super tight these might not be for you. The shoe also comes with two sets of insoles, one being an orthopedic type insole providing a good amount of arch support, which is unheard of from a stock insole. The sole plate also is very comfortable as the stud pressure is very nicely dispersed. Definitely one of, if not the best sole plate that I have ever tried. The only issue with either the comfort or the foot is having the right size, if the size is wrong, these will be a nightmare.


These shoes weigh a solid 9.4oz, which isn’t heavy but isn’t particularly light either. Luckily the tight fit makes up for it as the shoes stick to your feet pretty well making them seem lighter than they actually are. They are by no means heavy, but they aren’t going to give you that weightless sensation that the Adizeros provide.


This is my favorite part of the boot. This shoe uses round studs, which is becoming a rarity in modern soccer shoes. The stud pattern has great stability and gives you the confidence to make quick changes of direction without worry of slipping. The shoe also features Lotto’s Twist N Go stud that is located on the front stud on the inside of the shoe. It is a metal stud that spins 360 degrees, supposedly allowing you to pivot and change direction quicker. And although it is somewhat of a gimmick, I can say that I did feel shiftier in my lateral movements wearing these boots. Perhaps credited to the Twist N Go technology, but I think it is mostly due to the round studs rather than just the one stud at the front.


These shoes are made of a synthetic material that is fairly soft. Its thicker than you would expect from the usual “speed boot” synthetic, but I think this is due to it having to be a little thicker for durability reasons. The touch on this shoe is very unique because of the laceless system, therefore every spot on the boot that can touch the ball feels the same. This is a very nice feeling as you are less likely to have a strange bounce off of your foot when bringing the ball. The touch also provides for a fantastic juggling experience, as you do not touch any laces.


Shooting with these shoes is actually very nice. You don’t realize how much of the ball you don’t feel when striking it on the laces. With no laces in the way, you feel every bit of the ball touch you foot which is very unique. The shoes don’t have any special striking elements, and provide probably the closest barefoot shooting experience you can get in a soccer shoe.


These are not super thin boots so you will not be in too much pain if you were to get stepped on. They also have a fairly large heel cup, which provides a great amount of protection from kicks from behind. Overall these boots feel pretty safe. You won’t have to wimp out of tackles due to lack of protection.


This is something that I would question this shoe on. The build quality is top notch, as are all Lotto shoes. There are no worries of them tearing or anything like that. What would worry me is if they were to stretch, which I don’t think they would, but if they did, the entire fit of the boot could be ruined. Overall though, these boots are some of the most solid, well- built boots that you can buy.

The Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised by these boots. And as no other reviewers had tried these out, I was treading unexplored territory in the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra, and what I came to find was actually a good boot. The fit is good for a laceless design and they provide one of the best sole plate and stud patterns out there. The build quality is phenomenal and there is nothing else like it. The only problem with these boots is that they are not for everyone, but if you are looking for something different, you can’t go wrong with the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra. These are also good boots for those of you who cannot tie your shoes. Don’t be afraid, give these a try.

Comfort/Fit7 out of 10
Weight7 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch7.5 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE55.5 out of 70 or 79%
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