Lotto Stadio Primato K Review

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The Stadio Primato K is Lotto’s take on a classic soccer shoe, offering a simple design, quality materials and is built to last. The entire boot is made from a very high quality kangaroo leather, even the tongue is kangaroo leather. Following the tradition of an older style boot, the leather is a little stiff at first and does require some break-in time in order to ensure the best fit possible.

The first thing that you will notice is that the forefoot and toe area will fit very snug from brand new, but that is on purpose, because these will stretch. Give these shoes a couple of hours of break-in and they will stretch to your foot perfectly. The midfoot area itself is actually very wide, so if you are in need of a wider than average boot, these are a great option. The heel is lined with a synthetic leather material and it works really well with the rest of the boot in providing a comfortable fit. Overall this is a very comfortable boot, which is what you would expect from any classic soccer shoe. My one complaint is the insole that they come with. The problem is that there is a circular piece of stiffer foam right under the heel, and the first time that I put the shoe on it felt like there was a lump under my heel. This isn’t a big issue, and the problem is easily solved with a simple insole swap.

As far as sizing goes, I wore my usual size 9US for review, but because of how wide these shoes are in the midfoot, I could have easily gone with a size 8.5US. If you are looking to get a pair of these and you have a wider foot, I would recommend ordering your normal size. If you have a narrower foot, like myself, I would recommend going down half a size for the best fit after break-in.


Surprisingly, this shoe only weighs 9.6oz! I know that you are probably saying to yourself that this is just average weight, why the surprise? If you compare this shoe to the very similarly styled Adidas Copa Mundial which weighs 11.7oz, the Stadio is fairly lightweight. Being at average weight, for a shoe that doesn’t cut any corners as far as materials go and uses next to no “modern technologies”, average weight is impressive. These boots will certainly not weigh you down, and are actually one of the lightest “old school” boots around.


The Lotto Stadio Primato offers one of the simplest stud patterns that you can get, one that is available on many more traditionally styled soccer shoes. It is a 12 stud design, of which all of the studs are conical, and all I have to say is that there is a reason that it is a design that has stuck around for so long. In terms a grip, conical studs will never match the blades, but the blades will never be able to provide the same agile feeling that conical studs provide, which is why you see so many pros choosing to wear conical stud patterns rather than the blades. I still feel that if you are playing on turf regularly, a conical stud pattern is not only going to perform the best, it will also be the safest.


If you have never used a classic boot, like the Stadio Primato, you’ve never felt a real kangaroo leather boot. Most modern soccer shoes that feature kangaroo leather uppers are only part kangaroo leather, and the part that is there usually is only the very front of the boot. The reason for this varies, but it is mainly to cut down on cost and sometimes weight. The Stadio Primato is kangaroo leather all the way around. Once this shoe is broken in and the leather softens up, these feel great. The leather is on the thicker side, so the overall feel on the ball is more on the cushioned side. These truly offer a very classic feel, and shows that the classics are still every bit as capable of providing a quality feel as the modern boots.


There are no gimmicks on this boot whatsoever. The striking element on this boot consists of a quality kangaroo leather upper and nothing else. They will provide a nice amount of padding when striking the ball, and will most likely feel exactly as you would expect them too. The soleplate also provides some really solid stiffness when striking the ball, which is always a plus. Like I said earlier, simple is sometimes all you need.


These boots will provide a solid amount of protection. The natural padding of the leather itself automatically makes this more protective than more than half of most modern soccer shoes. When these kinds of boots were the norm amongst players, there where a lot less foot injuries, so these should do a pretty good job preventing injury, should you get stepped on. You’re not going to feel like you are running around in your socks with these boots on, so if you are looking for a little extra safety, these will provide it.


The term “built like a tank” comes to mind. The simple design means that there is very few elements that make up the boot itself, which means that there are fewer things that could go wrong. Put that together with high quality materials, an upper that is glued and stitched to the soleplate and you have a shoe that is going to last for years. Keep in mind that these are made from a natural leather and do require some maintenance in order to ensure their longevity. If you need a shoe that is going to last, the Stadio Primato is surely one of the best options to you.

The Verdict

Classic soccer shoes like the Stadio Primato show how far soccer shoes have come from a technological standpoint, but it also shows that a boot that uses next to no modern technology is still just as good. Simple design, quality materials and good build quality is what sums up the Stadio Primato. In comparison to the more modern k-leather boots on the market, these are every bit as good. Not to mention the very low price tag of about $80, sometimes they can even be found for around $40, you really can’t go wrong. If you have never tried a classic soccer shoe, or are just looking for a new pair, the Lotto Stadio Primato K is a great option.

Comfort/Fit9 out of 10
Weight7 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection9 out of 10
Durability9 out of 10
FINAL SCORE59 out of 70 or 84%
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