Adidas Freefootball X-ite Review

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The Freefootball X-ite is definitely comfortable, but the fit is a little on the sloppy side for my liking. The upper is constructed of a predominantly mesh upper, making the upper feel very soft against your foot and also allows for plenty of flexibility. The only thing providing any structural integrity to the upper are the synthetic leather strips running through the forefoot and the mid-foot of the shoe. When you first put the shoe on your foot, the first thing that you will undoubtedly notice is how wide the shoe fits. Through the heel, mid-foot and forefoot, the X-ite is very wide fitting. I have a bout an average width foot, and even when the laces are pulled tight, I find that my foot just has too much room to move around in the forefoot and toe box of the shoe. Not to mention that the mesh upper does stretch a little bit after some break-in time, so the shoe gets even wider. If you are somebody with a wider foot, than the X-ite is a great choice and will offer plenty of comfort. Another issue that I have with the fit is the heel liner, which is this very slick mesh. The mesh is very soft and comfortable against your heel, but it just doesn’t grab your heel enough to keep it locked in place. For that reason, there is a small amount of movement in the heel when running. It is not enough movement that is going to cause any kind of blistering or discomfort, mainly because the liner is so soft, but it may bother you a little bit if you prefer having that super tight fit. As far as sizing is concerned, the X-ite fits true to size. I wore my usual size 9US for review, and while they may have been a little on the wider side, the fit was perfect in the length, so if you are planning on ordering a pair, going with your normal size is what I would recommend. Wider footed players, will love the fit of the X-ite.


The X-ite weighs in at an average weight of 10oz. this weight range is very common for a turf shoe, and while it may not be that ultra-lightweight that you can get from some outdoor shoes, like I said, you just don’t have many other options. Anyways, these shoes are certainly not going to weigh you down.


The turf sole on the X-ite is pretty much your standard turf sole. Instead of having all circular nubs, you get a combination of circular and triangular nubs. The overall feel is honestly no different than 95% of the turf soles out on the market, and will perform up to the same standard as pretty much everything that is currently out on the market. One thing that a lot of people like to do is use their turf shoes for both on turf, well as indoor court surfaces during the indoor season. You can get away with it, but I would personally not recommend doing so, simply because the sole is very thin and lacks the cushioning needed to play on hard, indoor court surfaces without experiencing discomfort. Given that you are going to be using the X-ite on artificial surfaces, you will get plenty of traction.


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I am not a fan of the use of mesh on the upper of a soccer shoe. The X-ite uses mesh as the predominant upper material, with strips of synthetic leather acting as support bands to keep the shape of the upper. The mesh is thin and lightly padded, featuring what Adidas calls “Touch Compound” which is essentially a thin layer of rubber that is melted into the mesh, adding grip to the feel of the upper. This rubber runs through the entire forefoot area, as well as the instep, offering plenty of grip against the ball. If you like having that extra grip against the ball, than you will like the feel of the X-ite. As far as the touch is concerned, because the upper is mesh, it feels very similar to a running shoe. The touch is definitely that of a high quality synthetic or even a leather, which is I think would improve the overall feel of the shoe, but what you do get is alright. Overall, the touch on the ball is OK, but is personally not one of my favorites.


Striking the ball in the X-ite is alright, but I found that the lack of a solid fit hurt the overall feel of the shoe when striking the ball. As far as the striking surface is concerned, it is nice to have the off center lacing system and the Touch Compound adds some nice grip against the ball. The problem is that the mesh upper stretches when striking the ball, so the shoe feels like it is moving around when you make contact with the ball. This is an issue that I personally had, but should you have a wider foot that fills the shoe a little better, I could see this being less of an issue. Striking the ball as an overall experience is alright, but I definitely think that it could be better.


Turf is a very abrasive surface that will destroy any shoe that was not designed to be used on that particular surface. The X-ite will provide the build quality and the proper sole that will stand up to any artificial surface. If you are either playing on turf only once and a while, or playing on turf exclusively, investing in a pair of turf soccer shoes is what you should do if you’re looking for a pair of shoes to last. Especially if you are spending $200 plus on a pair of firm ground shoes, it is totally worth investing in a pair of $60 turf shoes that will not only last a couple of seasons, but will also save your firm ground shoes.

The Verdict

The Freefootball X-ite is a decent shoe overall, but is definitely not my personal favorite. The shoe is very comfortable, but fits very wide, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if your foot is not wide, the shoes just won’t fit right. The mesh upper, partnered with the Touch Compound offers a unique feel, as well as plenty of breathability, something that is important when you are playing on a very hot turf surface. Not to mention the slick styling and the very reasonable price, the Freefootball X-ite might be a shoe to consider.


Comfort/Fit    7 out of 10
Weight             8 out of 10
Traction           8 out of 10
Touch               7 out of 10
Shooting          7 out of 10
Durability        9 out of 10
Final Score     46 out of 60 or 77%


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