Adidas Mundial Team Turf Review

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Adidas Mundial Team Turf Review

The adidas Mundial Team turf is a version of an Adidas classic. Soft, full-grain kangaroo leather with Suede reinforced toe, stitched for extra durability. Multi-studded rubber for excellent traction on artificial surfaces and dry natural fields.

Comfort/ Fit

This is the turf version of the Copa Mundial, the most famous and longest running shoe in soccer history. Having such a long history, one would expect this shoe to be pretty good, as it is only one of very few soccer shoes that have stuck around for such a long time. What makes this shoe such a classic is its high quality materials and very comfortable fit. This shoe uses a very soft, and fairly thick kangaroo leather that wraps the entire upper. This makes for an upper that is very soft and super comfortable from right out of the box. This shoe is very old fashioned, sporting a leather tongue, a thin heel liner and a glued down insole. Usually I don’t like non-removable insoles, but this one provided plenty of padding and was very comfortable, plus it didn’t move around. These shoes really didn’t feel like a soccer shoe on your feet. I would say that they are comfortable enough to wear as an everyday shoe, if you really wanted too. As far as the fit goes, these are certainly on the wider side, especially considering that they will stretch. Because the entire upper is made from kangaroo leather, the entire shoe will stretch and mold to your feet, making this a shoe that will fit the widest of feet, after about a 2 to 4 hour break-in period. I wore my usual size 9US for review, but would have benefitted from going a half size down for the best fit after break-in. So if you are looking to order these shoes, I would recommend going a half size down, because they will stretch.


This shoe was made before the idea of lightweight soccer shoes even existed. This shoe was more about quality materials that were put together to create a shoe that would last a long time as well as have a great touch. That being said, the weight of this boot is a pretty hefty 12.7oz, making them one of the heaviest soccer shoes available. They certainly do have some weight to them, not to the point where they feel heavy on your feet, but you can feel them. One other thing to consider is that this is a turf soccer shoe, and most turf soccer shoes weigh in at around 11oz, which isn’t much lighter than the Mundial Team.


This is one of the aspects of this boot that is very unique in my opinion, because it makes this boot pretty versatile. The shoe uses a very aggressive turf soleplate, making for a shoe that will provide plenty of grip on more than just turf. The soleplate is made up of fairly long conical studs that are no more than an inch away from one stud to the next. This makes for a soleplate that is completely covered in little studs.  On turf, this provides the best possible grip that you can get from a turf shoe without getting clingy and grabbing the turf too much. This shoe can also double as a hard ground shoe if you find the ground to very hard in your area. You could also benefit from this soleplate if you were recovering from an injury, because it is very stable and offers more support than what you would get from a firm ground soleplate and stud pattern.


Although this shoe is modeled after the Copa Mundial, I found the leather on the Mundial Team to be a little thicker than the Copa. That being said, the leather being a little thicker is not a bad thing, it simply offers a different feel. The overall touch on this boot is very padded, making controlling the ball feel very easy. This is the thickest kangaroo leather upper that I have ever used, and after using it I would have liked it to be ever so slightly thinner. The tongue is also very thick and at times, I felt took away from some of the feel on the ball. If you wear the Copa Mundial or really like an old school feel to your soccer shoes, these will be familiar territory.


This boot is straight kangaroo leather, stripped down to what has become the model for soccer shoes to follow. Because the shoe is very padded, shooting feels good. If you have ever shot a ball in a pair of kangaroo leather shoes before, these will not feel too far off from that. One thing that I can say is that I have always felt that finesse chip shots always seem to come off easier and with more control in boots that have a little more padding.


This is one thing that you can’t take away from this boot. Although it isn’t made in Germany like the Copa, it is still very high quality and very well built. It uses only premium, natural materials that are put together to form a boot that is made to last. Little things like covering the front of the toe in swede and stitching it directly to the soleplate, make for a boot that will stand the test of time. Keep in mind that this boot is made of natural leather and does require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and applying leather cream to keep them soft.

The Verdict

This is the most old school soccer shoe that I have ever worn, and although it doesn’t offer everything that you get from most modern turf soccer shoes, it is the most comfortable and the best quality. If you are a fan of the Copa Mundial, or are looking for a boot that you can have to keep in your soccer bag ready to pull out depending on the field conditions, the Mundial Team is your best option. There is a reason that this shoe has been in production for so long.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight6 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch9 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Durability9 out of 10
FINAL SCORE52 out of 60 or 87%
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