Adidas Top Sala X Review

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Take your game to the top with the Top Sala X from adidas. This low-profile shoe is built for speed, stability and control on the court. Synthetic and mesh upper for a lightweight and durable shoe. Direct injected PU Kurim for maximum ball touch and high abrasion resistance. Pre-molded EVA midsole with adiPrene insert in the heel for added comfort and shock absorption. Non-marking rubber outsole for optimal traction on the court.

Comfort/ Fit

Adidas has managed to create a pretty comfortable indoor soccer shoe in the Top Sala X. Being that the majority of the upper is made of mesh, it is very flexible and soft from right out of the box, so break-in time is minimal.  You are not going to get blisters from these shoes. The inside of the heel is lined with the same material as the Super Sala IX. It’s a shiny, very tightly woven mesh, that is certainly soft and comfortable against your heel, but because it is so smooth, I found my heels would slip in and out of the shoe ever so slightly. Normally this would lead to some major blisters, but because the heel liner is just so soft, the shoes will remain comfortable, but you do have to get used to the tiny bit of heel slippage. This element doesn’t ruin the fit of the boot, but it is something to consider. Another complaint that I have with this shoe is the thin mesh tongue. I don’t mind when there is a mesh tongue, just as long as there is another material, of any kind, between my foot and the mesh of the tongue. Unfortunately, that is one of the issues with this tongue. It is a single layer of mesh, that has no rigidity at all and provides no extra padding at all. This is mainly a problem because of lace bite. If you really wanted to tie these shoes tight, you would feel it. Of course this will not be a problem for everyone, but I thought that I would touch on it anyways. The sole is pretty good for an indoor shoe. There is some decent padding for running on hard surfaces all the way through the sole, so you are not going to have any pain on the balls of your feet, like you do in many indoors on the market. The width of this shoe is on the wider side, and will suit nearly any width of foot just fine. I wore my usual size 9US for review and they fit perfectly, as these shoes run true to size. If you are looking to order a pair, go for your normal size.


These shoes weigh in at a fairly lightweight 9.2oz. For an indoor soccer shoe, the Top Sala places itself in the above average section for indoor soccer shoes, especially considering the padding that you do get in the sole. Of course, it is also worth noting that this is a predominantly mesh upper, so there is some weight loss there, meaning that you can get a leather upper from a shoe that weighs under 1oz more.


The gum rubber sole on the Top Sala is very high quality. The rubber is not the softest that I have seen on an indoor soccer shoe, but it is still well above average, as far as delivering good grip on a gym floor. You probably won’t slip if the floor that you are on is clean. That is the main problem with indoor soccer shoe soles. You can put the softest rubber possible on the sole of the shoe, but if there is even a thin layer of dust or dirt on the bottom of the sole, you are going to slide.


This is where I feel that this shoe differentiates itself from other indoor soccer shoes. The upper is mainly mesh, but the front part of the upper has some extra layers. If you take a look at the pictures up top, you will see 3 black pads that more or less cover the entire front part of the boot. These pads are made of a very thin layer of rubber, which makes for a unique feel. Around the pads is a synthetic leather, which is really only there to match the thickness of the rubber pads, keeping the surface smooth. The very first thing that you will notice when you start playing with the ball with the Top Salas on your feet is how sticky these rubber pads are. I have never been a fan of having extra grip on my shoes for dribbling, and these didn’t change my mind. By no means am I saying that the grip is a bad thing, because it isn’t, it just isn’t something that I like in a soccer shoe. That being said, if you are fan of having some extra grip on the ball, you will probably love these. Anyways, the upper itself is not too thick, but it isn’t thin either. It’s that happy medium that I think most people do like in a soccer shoe. It is also worth noting that the extra grip on the front of the shoe is pretty nice if you are into juggling and freestyle. I found it helped a little bit to have just a little extra grip on the ball when performing precise touches. I also like how Adidas included a small toe guard, made for toe kicks, something that is commonly used in futsal due to tighter spaces.


The rubber pads also have a slight affect on shooting as well. I found that they added just a little bit of extra grip between the foot and the ball when trying to bend the ball, which is always a plus. It is unique to see a rubber element intended as the main part of a control element, rather than being a striking element. In the end, the effects are very minimal, but it is different and something that you may just want to give a try. Other than that, there is nothing all that special in shooting with the boots. Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of the thin mesh tongue, and did find it a little too thin, especially when shooting, but this is just a minor issue.


These shoes will certainly last quite a while. The upper is mesh, so it won’t stretch and requires no maintenance. The front of the upper is rubber and some pretty tough synthetic leather. The sole has a solid layer of gum rubber that will not wear away quickly either, making this an indoor shoe that could potentially last well over a year.

The Verdict

This is one of the more unique indoor soccer shoes on the market. The use of rubber as extra grip when touching the ball is something that you might have to get used too, but is also something that I think that many people could really get in to. For what you pay, I’d say that you get a pretty solid product. Of course the quality of materials could have been a little better and there still are some minor issues, but as a package, this is a quality indoor soccer shoe. If you are looking for something a little different, the Top Sala X may be the shoe that you are looking for.
Comfort/ Fit   8 out of 10
Weight             8 out of 10
Traction           8 out of 10
Touch               8 out of 10
Shooting          8 out of 10
Durability        8 out of 10
Final Score     48 out of 60 or 80%


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