Kelme Michelin Star360 Review

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The Kelme Michelin Star360 is a go at a full blown futsal shoe, and I have to say that the final product is very good. The upper of the shoe uses four materials, Nappa leather, synthetic, suede and mesh, that are all intertwined, and while at first it may come across as a bit much, it all comes together to form a really solid fitting shoe. Due to all of the different materials, the shoe will feel a little bit stiff from brand new, not enough to really cause discomfort, but they definitely do require a small amount of wear until they start to feel how they’re supposed too. The shoe seems to fit fairly wide through the heel and midfoot, while being slightly tighter in the forefoot, allowing for the leather to stretch and form to your foot. The heel is lined with a very soft and slightly padded mesh, which is very comfortable and does a good job of securing the heel in place. The sole also provides a solid amount of cushion on very hard surfaces, while still maintaining that “low to the ground” feel that is so important for a futsal shoe. This is a shoe that is going to fit pretty much any foot type with no issues whatsoever. If there is one important thing to note regarding the Kelme Star360, it is the sizing. Where I would normally wear a size 9US in the majority of shoes, leaving no space at the toe, I needed to go down two sizes, to an 8US for the same fit. If you are looking to purchase a pair online, I strongly recommend going down a full size to what you would normally wear in order for a proper fit.


None of the indoor soccer shoes have really gone out to achieve an ultra-lightweight feel, and the Kelme Star360 is no different. It weighs in at an average 10.4oz, which is nearly on par with other indoor soccer shoes on the market. While this may be about an ounce more than other high-end indoor soccer shoes on the market, the Star360 uses that extra weight in delivering a very high quality rubber sole from Michelin.


Given that Michelin was involved in the making of the sole for the Star360, I fully anticipated to get one of the best gum-rubber soles on the market, and I am happy to say that it fully met my expectations. The rubber that is used on the sole is probably the best quality of any indoor/futsal shoe on the market. It is soft, allowing for plenty on grip, but it still has a solid feel to it, which means that it is grip that is going to last. You will also notice the star pattern on the bottom of the sole that repeats itself through out the entire sole. The reasoning for this is so that you have as many “grip points” on the sole as possible. If the sole were completely flat and you slipped a little bit, there is nothing to prevent a slip, where as if you have 200 little grip points on the sole and you begin to slip, you are more likely to regain traction from another part of the sole. The sole on the Star360 is easily the best sole on the market.


The indoor/ futsal game is all about touch. Like I explained earlier, the Star360 upper is composed of several different materials, but likely the upper was very well thought out, and it all comes together to make a shoe with a very clean touch on the ball. The forefoot is divided into three sections that use leather, and that is the instep, the top of the toes and the instep. These three sections are divided by either a synthetic material or suede, which also wraps around the toe. The leather itself is very thin and very lightly padded, while also remaining quite soft, so touches on the ball feel very precise and controlled. There is also suede sections running through the instep and toe of the shoe, which adds a little bit of grip where you need it. Like I said earlier, the Star360 does feel a little bit strange at first, but given some time to wear in and soften up, these shoes feel great on the ball. The back half of the shoe is mainly a mesh, with synthetic supports, but none of that tampers with the overall feel of the boot. It is also worth noting that the tongue is a full mesh and is a little on the padded side, something that I generally do not like on a soccer shoe of any kind, but for whatever reason, the tongue on the Star360 really didn’t bother me. To say the least, the Star360 is going to provide an excellent feel for the ball, and while it may not offer a super traditional feel, the feel that it does offer is still a premium one.


Given that shooting is not the main concern for futsal players, you don’t really see any kind of shooting elements on the Star360. The upper is thin, so if you are looking to get some good feel for the ball, the Star360 will certainly offer that to you. The suede on the instep does add just a little bit of grip on the ball, but I wouldn’t call it enough to say that you will be able to bend the ball better. Striking the ball in the Kelme Star360 is probably going to be what you would expect, and nothing more.


The quality of the Kelme Star360 is great. Everything really comes together to create a really solidly built shoe. The materials don’t seem delicate at all and I am confident that these shoes will be able to take a beating. The sole is also a real plus when it comes to durability simply because of how high quality the rubber is. It is going to provide long lasting grip and is not going to wear nearly as quickly as other soft, gum-rubber soles normally would. Although this shoe was not designed to be used as a street soccer shoe, I am confident that the sole can handle the harsh conditions out on the street with minimal wear. If you are looking for an indoor shoe that is going to last, the Star360 is a very strong option.

The Verdict

When I first saw the Kelme Star360, I was definitely skeptical of how many different materials were used on the upper and how it would all come together to make for a futsal shoe that still offered a solid feel for the ball. Luckily, I was wrong in my assumptions, and I can now safely say that the Star360 is amongst the best as far as indoor/futsal shoes go. It offers a thin touch, a very high quality sole and very strong build quality, making it a shoe that anybody would like should they give this boot a go. If you are looking for a brand new pair of premium futsal soccer shoes, the Kelme Michelin Star360 is a fantastic option.


Comfort/ Fit    9 out of 10
Traction          10 out of 10
Weight              8 out of 10
Touch                9 out of 10
Shooting           8 out of 10
Durability       10 out of 10
Final Score     54 out of 60 or 90%


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