Adidas Freefootball SpeedTrick Review

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The Freefootball SpeedTrick from Adidas is a surprisingly comfortable indoor soccer shoe. The upper of the shoe is a little on the stiffer side from brand new, but softens up after only a couple of hours of use. At no point did I find myself in any type of discomfort during the break-in period of the SpeedTrick, so overall, this is a shoe that is very wearable from right out of the box. The inside of the shoe lined with a thin layer of mesh, while the heel and ankle collar area are lined in a slightly softer, more padded mesh. The slightly off-center lacing system and mesh tongue, allow for a very comfortable fit once you pull the laces tight, securing your foot in place, allowing for very little wiggle room inside of the shoe. The sole of the shoe is very low-profile, but still maintains a solid amount of padding through the heel and forefoot, which is very important when playing on hard, indoor surfaces.

As far as the fit of the shoe is concerned, I would definitely classify the SpeedTrick as a wider fitting shoe. While the heel and mid-foot of the shoe are not overly wide, the forefoot and toe box of the shoe is definitely on the wider side, allowing players with wider feet to fit very comfortably in a pair of SpeedTricks. One major thing to note about this particular synthetic upper is that it will not stretch, so the shape of the shoe from right out of the box, is the shape that the shoe will maintain, even after break-in. As far as the sizing of the shoe is concerned, the SpeedTrick fits ever so slightly long. I wore my usual size 9US for review and the fit of the shoe in the length was just a pinch bigger than your average size 9US. I definitely would not say that you need to go down half a size, and the little bit of extra length is mainly due to the wider toe box of the shoe. If you’re looking to order a pair of SpeedTricks, than I would strongly recommend going for your normal size for the best possible fit.


Like the rest of the Adidas shoes that have been recently released, the SpeedTrick is on the lighter end, as far as indoor soccer shoes go. The SpeedTrick weighs in at 8.8oz, which isn’t overwhelmingly lightweight, but it is still lighter than your average indoor soccer shoe. The shoe has a lightweight feel in your hands, as well as on your feet, and if having a more lightweight shoe is one of your concerns, than the SpeedTrick is a solid option for you.


The SpeedTrick features a very good quality gum rubber sole. I definitely wouldn’t say that the gum rubber sole is overly soft, so it won’t provide tons of grip on an indoor surface, but the firmer rubber sole will allow for use on multiple surfaces. This is a shoe that you can safely use for street soccer, as they will provide plenty of grip on a concrete surface, and will also be able to withstand the very rough surface. There is also a unique pattern running through the sole, which has very little impact on the amount of grip that you’re going to get, and has more to do with looks, rather than functionality. If you’re going to be playing on an indoor court surface, or even on concrete, as long as you’re playing on a hard, flat surface, the SpeedTrick will provide plenty of grip.


This is one aspect of the shoe that worried me after seeing the shoes in person for the first time. At first glance, the perforated, synthetic leather upper didn’t really impress me, in terms of quality, and was much thicker than I had originally anticipated. The upper appears to be made up of about three separate layers, giving the upper plenty of thickness, and just a little bit of padding. Once the upper starts to soften up, I found the touch on the ball to actually be pretty good. It offered a feel that was close to the foot, but with just a little bit of extra padding, which feels great when juggling the ball. One of the more unique features of the boot is the unique pattern running through the forefoot area of the shoe. This textured, web-like pattern is made up of what Adidas calls Touch Compound. The webbing is essentially a very thin layer of some type of vinyl-like material, that doesn’t provide any extra grip on the ball, but adds a textured feel to the upper. This feature is most noticeable when juggling the ball, providing just a little bit of grip when performing very precise touches on the ball, but even then, it is hardly noticeable. Overall, I like the touch on the ball that the SpeedTrick provides, and I would definitely say that it is one of the more solid options for indoors, if you’re looking for a synthetic upper.


Striking the ball in the SpeedTrick is nothing that you wouldn’t expect. The upper is thin enough, but still has some bulk to it, giving you a very solid feel against the ball when taking a hard strike. I definitely would not say that the Grip Compound adds anything extra to striking the ball, but like I said, the overall feel of the boot when striking the ball is pretty barebones.


The SpeedTrick is a very solidly constructed shoe. The upper is rugged enough to where it will not stretch, and can easily stand up to very rough surfaces, like concrete. While the sole is low-profile, it still has plenty of rubber, and because the rubber is not overly soft, the sole will last a long time, even if you’re going to be using these shoes in the streets. If you want to get the longest possible life out of the SpeedTrick, or any indoor shoe for that matter, sticking to indoor court surfaces is what you want to do, but just know that the SpeedTrick is tough enough for street soccer. The synthetic upper also means that the shoe requires no maintenance at all, making these shoes very easy to take care of. If you’re looking for a multi-surface, flat soccer shoe, the SpeedTrick is a solid choice.

The Verdict

The Freefootball SpeedTrick is an indoor soccer shoe that was designed with freestyle soccer in mind, offering a synthetic upper, a unique texturing and a very low-profile sole. Not to mention its unique looks and solid fit, the SpeedTrick is a great shoe for use on indoor court surfaces, as well as the streets. If you’re looking for a quality synthetic indoor soccer shoe, than the SpeedTrick is a very solid option.

Comfort/Fit8 out of 10
Weight9 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch8 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Durability9 out of 10
FINAL SCORE50 out of 60 or 83%
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