Adidas Freefootball TopSala Review

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The adidas Freefootball TopSala offers a quality fit, as well as a solid amount of cushioning from such a low-profile sole. From right out of the box, I found the TopSala to be a little on the stiffer side, fitting very snug in the toe box area. The Hybrid synthetic-leather used in the forefoot, the same material that can be found on the Adidas Predator LZ, is really nice. Without knowing anything about the shoe when I first received the TopSala, I was under the impression that the front of the shoe was actually natural leather! The rest of the upper through the mid-foot uses a combination of mesh, for breathability, and synthetics, to give the shoe some structural integrity in terms of providing lateral stability. The heel is lined in a very soft mesh-like material, with somewhat of a shiny finish to it. The material is very soft, and nicely padded, but I did find that the slick finish of the liner did lead for some very, very minor heel slippage. This is slippage that is so minimal that you will actually forget about it, which I did after only about 20 minutes or so, so overall not a big deal. The mesh tongue and central lacing system allows for a very secure fit when the laces are pulled tight, although I did find the laces themselves to be a little on the chunky side. I also found the sole to provide a solid amount of cushioning for how low-profile it is. While there are indoor shoes currently on the market that will offer a little more in terms of cushioning, none of them allow you to be so close to the ground, which is one of my favorite features of the TopSala.

As far as the fit of the shoe is concerned, it is one of those shoes that seems to fit in between sizes. I wore my usual size 9US for review, and from right out of the box, the TopSala fit me very tightly, especially in the toe box area. After I gave the shoe some time to break-in and stretch a little bit, I had no issues and the fit was perfect in the forefoot area. What’s tricky regarding the fit is the width of the shoe, simply because it just isn’t very wide through the mid-foot. I have about an average width foot, so I had no issues with the fit. So, if you have a regular to narrow width foot, I would stick with your normal size, but if you have a slightly wider foot, I would go up half a size for the best fit.


The TopSala weighs in at a very impressive 8oz! When it comes to indoor soccer shoes, there really isn’t too many options in terms of getting a pair of shoes that are lightweight, like you do in outdoor shoes. While 8oz is not what I would call ultra-light, it is one of the lightest options currently on the market. Also keep in mind that even at 8oz, while it is one of the lightest, it is not much lighter than most other indoors on the market, so don’t let the weight of the shoe be the only determining factor if you are considering the TopSala.


The FF TopSala uses a traditional gum rubber sole, offering a solid amount of traction on an indoor court surface. The sole features a unique pattern running through the entire sole, giving the sole a heavily textured surface, which is good for providing grip on an indoor court surfaces, but is not good for use on concrete. It is also worth mentioning the cut-out on the sole through the mid-foot and heel area. I personally don’t think that this has any effect on the amount of traction that you get, and I think the whole idea behind it was to shave some eight from the shoe. So if you were somewhat worried about that, just know that it isn’t something that you are going notice when playing. It can also be said that you have a slightly better sense of control in your movements because of how low to the ground your foot sits in the TopSala, which is great. As long as you are going to using these particular shoes on an indoor court surface, the traction will be great. Use of the FF TopSala on concrete, or for street soccer, is just not a good idea, simply because I found the sole to provide very little grip, most likely due to the textured pattern running through the sole of the shoe.


The Adidas indoor line has been plagued with overuse of mesh on the upper, which is something that I have never been a fan of. While the FF TopSala still does use a fair amount of mesh in the make-up of the upper, there is a very nice synthetic leather where it counts, giving the shoe a very close to the foot feel. The Hybrid synthetic-leather, as stated earlier, is the exact same material used on the Adidas Predator LZ, and I personally prefer this version of the material rather than the one used on the LZ. This version of the synthetic is very much like leather, in terms of looks and in feel. There is a minimal amount of padding and the overall feel is on the thinner side, but it just works so well with the overall feel that I think that the TopSala is trying to achieve. The close fit and thin feel makes for a great feel when juggling and while performing close control skills. As far as the mesh mid-foot and tongue is concerned, I would have preferred a more solid material, but it does get the job done. Overall, I ended up liking the FF TopSala a lot more than I anticipated in terms of feel on the ball.


Striking the ball is nothing special with the TopSala. There are no shooting gimmicks on the upper, so there isn’t all that much to explain. The thin nature of the upper gives the shoe a close to the foot feel when striking the ball, with minimal padding, but other than that, nothing here should surprise you.


The Freefootball TopSala is a very well made shoe, and will last a long time, given that you wear them exclusively on indoor court surfaces. The upper is well constructed, and futsal elements such as the plastic to guard, only add to the overall durability of the shoe. The full synthetic upper requires zero maintenance and the gum rubber sole isn’t overly soft, so it won’t wear away.  This is an indoor shoe that you should be able to use for a couple of seasons, which is great considering the price tag. Keep in mind that use of this shoe on the road or on concrete or asphalt surfaces will have a major effect on the durability of the shoe.

The Verdict

The Freefootball TopSala is a very solid indoor shoe from Adidas. It is a dramatic improvement over past TopSala models, and offers some unique features that make this a very attractive option for anybody on the market for a new pair of indoors. The thin upper, lightweight, and low-profile sole combine for a shoe that not only feel great on your feet, but also feels great on the ball. If you are looking for a quality indoor shoe for about $60 or less, take a good look at the Adidas Freefootball TopSala.


Comfort/Fit    9 out of 10
Weight             9 out of 10
Traction           8 out of 10
Touch               9 out of 10
Shooting          8 out of 10
Durability        9 out of 10
Final Score     52 out of 60 or 87%


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