Joma Top Flex Indoor Review

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Joma Top Flex is an Ultra flexible futsal shoe with a grippy outsole and a cool design.  Soft and extremely comfortable leather with great ball feel. Molded phylon midsole. Durable suede toecap. Top-flex gum rubber outsole. For use on indoor surfaces. Comes with extra set of laces.

Comfort/ Fit

I am always critical of indoor soccer shoes because I could never find a pair that had enough padding where I could last a two hour training session on a hard surface without getting awful blisters on the balls of my feet. What makes the Joma Top Flex so unique is that it is specifically designed for futsal, with the basis of comfort being made one of the most important. The outsole is much more padded than what you would get from most standard indoor outsoles, making them much more comfortable to wear when running on a hard indoor surface. Another comfort element that was considered in this shoe is the stiffness of the boot. This shoe has next to no stiffeners in the outsole of the boot, allowing the boot to fold in half with ease, watch the video up top to see what I mean. This extreme flexibility allows the boot to move with your foot, making running feel very natural in this boot, like a pair of running shoes would feel. Other comfort elements include a mesh heel liner, a nicely padded tongue and a soft leather upper. As for the fit of this boot, it fits wider, as most boots do these days, allowing for a comfortable fit that will work with any foot type. Sizing is also very important with this boot. I wore a size 8.5US for review, a half size smaller than what I normally wear.  I would say that the sizing goes like this, if you like your shoes to fit very tight, like me, than order a half size down. If you like a little bit of room or like to wear double socks, order your normal size.


This shoe weighs in at 9.4oz, which is fairly light for an indoor soccer shoe. This shoe is not heavy at all and is about average weight for an outdoor shoe. The problem with making an indoor shoe very light is because, like with any shoe, the weight has to be shed from the outsole, which in the case of an indoor soccer shoe, is the rubber padding that allows you run comfortably on a hard indoor surface. If the outsole is too thin, the shoe will be very uncomfortable after only a few minutes of running.


This is an area that I found this shoe to really surpass any other indoor shoe that I have ever tried. The outsole of this shoe is very unique as it uses a combination patterns in the rubber and just looks unusual in comparison to the same standard outsole that Nike and Adidas throw on their generic indoor boots. The other difference with this outsole is the rubber that is used. The rubber is a little softer on this boot, making for a lot more grip than you would expect from an indoor soccer shoe. What I have always found with indoor soccer shoes is that no matter what outsole is on your shoe, if the floor that you are playing on is even a little bit dirty or dusty, you will always find yourself slipping around a little bit. Because the rubber is a little bit softer, this seems to be less of a problem. Overall, the traction with this indoor boot is the best that I have used and is certainly better than the generic outsole used on most other indoor boots.


Because this boot is designed specifically for futsal, touch has been made one of the key elements into making this boot suitable for close control situations. The main part of the upper is made from a very thin and soft leather that gives a very close to the foot feel when dribbling the ball. The instep of the boot is covered with swede, giving you just a little extra grip when touching the ball on that part of the boot. I wouldn’t say that this boot has the touch of a leather shoe. Because the leather is so thin, I found that it felt like more of a synthetic, with some extra cushioning coming from the tongue. The touch on this boot feels very natural and really works well for an indoor soccer shoe.


Because this is simply just a leather boot, there are no extra gimmicks that are supposed to benefit your shooting ability, so you will not really be surprised with how shooting with these boots feel. Because this shoe was designed as a futsal shoe, there is one added elements to the boot that is fairly unique to really any soccer shoe. There is a thin strip of plastic that wraps the front of the boot where your ties would be. The reason for this is because in futsal, and in soccer, you are required to make a quick shot or pass in a small amount of room, and the most effective method of doing this is a toe kick. The strip of plastic is simply to provide some protection for your toes. This may not be completely necessary, but I think it is a unique addition that I certainly liked.


The quality of this boot is definitely some of the best. Joma more or less is still a small company and specializes more in the way of indoor soccer shoes rather than outdoor shoes. With the plastic strip covering the front of the toe, as well as a layer of swede behind that, this boot is next to indestructible. Because there is no plastic used in the outsole, there is nothing to break down on the shoe. This is the most durable indoor soccer shoe that you can get and if you are looking for something to last a couple of years, you should have no problem getting it from this boot.

The Verdict

Unlike many of the indoor shoes that get released, using the upper from a low end outdoor shoe with a generic indoor outsole slapped on, this boot is specifically designed for the indoor game. The outsole provides the most comfort and grip from any other indoor soccer shoe that I have ever used and the upper provides a quality touch. Also considering that this boot is next to indestructible, there is no reason why you should choose a generic indoor shoe from Nike or Adidas over this Joma. For the price of $63, this is a fairly cheap indoor soccer shoe and because it comes in 19 different colors, there will certainly be one that appeals to you. You can’t go wrong with this fantastic boot from Joma.

Comfort/Fit9 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch9 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Durability10 out of 10
FINAL SCORE54 out of 60 or 90%
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