Nike5 Elastico PRO Review

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Nike5 Elastico PRO Review

Nike5 Elastico Pro stretches your indoor game to the max with improved traction, grip and control. Natural leather upper for high quality fit and feel. Mesh panels add improved breathability. Cushioned die-cut EVA insole for optimum comfort. Low-profile court traction rubber outsole. Mid-foot fins for extra grip and control on the ball.

Comfort/ Fit

Just from looking at the shoe, I really liked the overall design and shape of the boot, as it reminded me of the CTR360, which is a boot that I found to be very comfortable and to fit very well. Luckily it did fulfill my expectations as far as comfort goes. The Upper on this boot is a natural leather at the front of the boot, with mesh and synthetic materials filling in the rest of the upper. Usually natural leather tends to be very cheap and is a material that is normally found on very low end boots, but the leather on the Elastico Pro is actually very nice. The leather is very soft from right out of the box and wraps your foot very nicely once you slide them on. Once they break-in, after a few hours of use, the upper will have molded to your foot very nicely, without stretching too much. One unique section of this upper is the material that is used at the front of the shoe on the instep. It is a somewhat rubbery-leather material that provides a little bit of grip and allows for greater durability. If you have worn any of the past versions of the Nike5 series, The T-7 or T-5, you will be familiar with this material as it the same on the Elastico Pro. The lacing system, is very similar to that of the CTR360, with the laces being placed on the instep of the boot. This allows you to tighten the boots really well and makes for a very secure fit. One thing that worried me from looking at the shoe was the amount of cushion that they would provide when running on hard surfaces. The sole appears to be very thin, but when you slip your foot in, you will feel the extra padding that an indoor shoe should have, it just isn’t visible from the outside of the boot. I had no issues with blisters and the overall break-in period was very smooth. I wore my usual size 9US for review and they fit perfectly. This shoe fits true to size, so if you are looking to order a pair, go for your regular size.


This shoe weighs in at 9.4oz, which is a little below the average weight of most indoor shoes. The shoe is not super light, but in comparison to a running shoe, these are much lighter. This shoe feels just right in my opinion, and is a good weight for an indoor shoe.


This is an area where I still don’t really understand where Nike is going with the Elastico line. The sole is rubber, but it isn’t the gum rubber bottom that you would see on other indoors like the Joma Top Flex and the Nike5 Gato series. The difference is that gum rubber is a softer rubber that will grip a lot better on hard surfaces, where the rubber sole on the Elastico Pro is actually pretty hard. That’s not to say that the grip that the Elastico Pro provides is not good, it just isn’t as good as it could be. I just feel that if you are going to build a shoe specifically made for indoor soccer, meaning hard wood or gym floor surfaces, you should use the best materials. The grip that you will get out of the Elastico Pro is fine, but as soon as the floor gets a little dirty, you’re going to slide.


The leather on this boot is on the thinner side, but I feel it suits the indoor game. The upper fits very tightly to the foot, allowing for a very close to the ball feel. The leather provides very little cushion on the ball, but is very soft and makes for a great feel. I also really like having the laces on the instep, as it just makes for a cleaner surface to control the ball when taking it down. I would consider this boot to be an ideal juggling boot as the upper is fairly thin and the boot hugs your foot very tightly. It’s not kangaroo leather, but it’s still very good.


The indoor game is not really focused around shooting, which is generally why you never see an indoor boot marketed for shooting. The name of the game is control, but when you do have to strike the ball, these shoes will not disappoint. There is just the right amount of padding when striking the ball, and it feels pretty good. There are no shooting elements, so the feel that you do get when striking the ball is your foot against leather, which is not a bad thing.


This is a very well made shoe, and there isn’t a lot that could go wrong, making them a fairly durable boot. Since Nike have not opted for a gum rubber sole, it will last a little longer because it is a little harder and it will not wear away as quickly. Since only the front of the boot is leather, the rest of the boot will not stretch, making for a boot that will hold its shape for a solid amount of time. The one thing that I would not recommend is wearing the Elastico Pro on any kid of cement surface. The reason for this is because the sole is very thin and it will wear away very quickly and because the upper sits very low to the ground, playing on rough surfaces will wear away at the upper almost immediately.

The Verdict

Overall, Nike has done a pretty good job at designing a boot specifically made for the indoor game. It uses a quality leather upper, offers a great fit and is very low profile. For the price, this is a great boot and you really can’t go wrong with grabbing a pair. If you’re looking for an indoor specific soccer shoe, or are in to futsal, the Elastico Pro is one of your better options.

Comfort/Fit8 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction7 out of 10
Touch8 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE47 out of 60 or 78%
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