Storelli ExoShield HeadGuard Review

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The Storell ExoShield HeadGuard retails for $59.99 but you can get 10% off with Coupon Code SR4U10Q3 CLICK HERE.

The Storelli ExoShield HeadGuard is the “most protective”* soccer headguard on the market today, the same worn by world-class players in English Premier League and Champions League. To see more articles on the Storelli ExoShield HeadGuard CLICK HERE.

• Outperforms traditional headguards in scientific protection testing and reduces the effect of G-forces by over 50%.

• Sleek design avoids traditional “helmet” look while still maximizing protection in key areas.

• Constructed specifically for soccer with best-in-class materials to provide superior impact absorption, temperature control, breathability and comfort.

• Incorporates the same lightweight open-cell viscoelastic foam used in combat-grade military helmet liners.

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