Storelli BodyShield LegGuard 2nd Generation Review

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Storelli Sports launches the second generation BodyShield LegGuard with design improvements that not only make them more comfortable but giving them increased protection.

It fits comfortably like a shin guard sleeve (note: shin pad NOT included), holding your favorite shin guard in place during the game with a new tacky strip at the top to keep the sleeves in place and you can easily wear your normal socks on top. The BodyShield LegGuard features premium moisture-wicking compression fabric to optimize comfort and breathability with a new stirrup design to further enhance comfort.

A breathable layer of our extreme-protection foam on the side of the leg and ankle, protecting you from kicks. No more limping around when you get tackled.

High-performance Poron XRD polyurethane foam provides maximum protection from impact and abrasion. Advanced anti-microbial treatment reduces the risk of infections. The BodyShield LegGuard features a unique padding design and placement that enhances mobility without compromising protection.

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