Storelli SpeedGrip Insole Review

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Q: How do SpeedGrip Insoles work?

Every time you step, your feet slide inside your socks, which slides inside your shoe. These micro-movements waste energy making you less efficient, less reactive and decreases your foot control. Storelli’s patent-pending SpeedGrip technology greatly increases the “grip” of your insoles against your socks, which means greater traction that translates in more speed, power and control.

Q: What sports are SpeedGrip Insoles recommended for?

The SpeedGrip™ technology was designed to optimize foot traction and make high-power movements (e.g., sudden change in direction when sprinting) more efficient and powerful. This makes SpeedGrip™ Insoles best suited for sports where either a) agility and sprinting, and/or b) foot control are particularly important. These sports include soccer, football, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, cross-fit, weight-lifting, skateboarding, track & field, cycling, hiking, to name a few.

What types of shoes are SpeedGrip Insoles recommended for?

The SpeedGrip Insoles are designed to fit low-profile athletic boots, which is why they are both narrow and thin (only 3mm in padding). While they do fit in most athletic shoes, they are not meant to be used in extra wide boots or shoes.

Q: What can I do if I really don’t like the “Heel Tab”? The special structure at the back of the SpeedGrip Insoles (the “Heel Tab”) is a patentpending feature designed to reduce heel lift, increasing foot traction, support and comfort. However, we realize that this structure may feel too “different” for some. If you find yourself loving the SpeedGrip Insoles but not the Heel Tab, and have designed the Heel Tab to be removed. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut the two portions of the Heel Tab that surface above the base of the Insoles, on each side.

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