CurrexSole ActivePro Replacement Insole Review

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I receive emails on a daily basis asking me “Where can I buy a replacement insole” and my advice would be nowhere. I have tried all styles and brands of insoles from $20-$120 and they all just did not fit properly in most soccer/football boots.

After testing the CurrexSole in a variety of boots/cleats, I can now recommend them as the best replacement insole I have tested and they work with all soccer/football boots.

Watch the video below for my full review.

The CurrexSole ActivePro insole is available in Low, Medium and High arch variations. See below.


CurrexSole ActivePro Low $44.99 Coupon SR4U10Q1
CurrexSole ActivePro Medium $44.99 Coupon SR4U10Q1
CurrexSole ActivePro High $44.99 Coupon SR4U10Q1
CurrexSole ActivePro Low $49.99 Canada
CurrexSole ActivePro Medium $49.99 Canada
CurrexSole ActivePro High $49.99 Canada

Look at the table below to determine which insole is best for you.

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