MUNICH Gresca Review

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MUNICH Gresca Review

The MUNICH Gresca is a very comfortable pair of futsal/Indoor soccer shoes. From right out of the box the Grescas feel great, with very little break-in time required. The upper is made up from a combination of suede-finish kangaroo leather and nylon for breathability. The kangaroo leather is extremely soft and flexible, allowing the upper of the shoe to move very naturally with your foot. The central lacing system and padded mesh tongue allow you to get a nice secure fit, while still maintaining a comfortable feel.

One of the major issues that I have with so many futsal shoes is the lack of cushioning, something that’s not an issue at all with the Gresca. The Gresca features a dual-density EVA foam midsole, which provides plenty of cushioning while still maintaining a low profile. Give the midsole a couple of hours to break-in, and the foam midsole will mold to your foot and soften up even more. The removable insole, in all honesty, is not the greatest, and I did experience some minor issues with insole slippage. With that being said, this is an easy fix if you glue the insole down or simply swap it out for a different one.

In terms of fit, the Gresca is one of those shoes that will pretty much fit any foot type. All the way through the heel, mid-foot, forefoot and toe box, the Gresca has a relatively wide fit. While the wide fit does allow for a very comfortable feel, if you’re one of those people who prefers a tighter fitting shoe, than the Gresca might not be for you, unless of course you have very wide feet. I have about average width feet and while I didn’t have any major issues with the fit of the Gresca, I still felt as if there was just a little bit of extra room inside of the boot that I could have done without. The plastic strip at the toe also plays a large role in how the shoe fits in the toe box area. While the hard plastic does provide some protection, it also makes for a roomier than average toe box, giving the shoe a somewhat bulky feel.

Sizing is a little tricky with the Gresca, and MUNICH shoes in general, as the shoe runs half a size large. Instead of my usual size 9US, I wore a size 8.5US for review, and the fit in the length was perfect. So if you’re looking to order a pair for yourself, I would strongly recommend going half a size down for the best possible fit.


The Grescas weigh in at 11.7oz, which isn’t all that surprising to me, considering the solid construction of the boot. When it comes to futsal/indoor soccer shoes the weight range tends to fluctuate between 9oz to 12oz depending on the style of shoe. Does this mean that the Gresca is a heavy shoe? Absolutely not, but it does have some bulk to it. If you’re at all like me, and prefer to have a slightly more cushioned and supportive feel when playing on very hard indoor court surfaces, than you’ll love the feel of the Gresca.


The MUNICH Gresca provides phenomenal traction on any flat playing surface. The sole is made from a very high quality vulcanized gum rubber, with varying types of traction patterns throughout the entire sole. The rubber itself is very soft and pliable, but at the same time feels very durable. The rubber sole is also very thick, at least thicker than your average futsal shoe, so you won’t have to worry about the sole wearing away prematurely either. Under the forefoot you’ll find a unique pattern of circles, all varying in size, making up what is essentially a group of small suction cups. The mid-foot and heel section of the sole features a much simpler design, with fairly deep ridges lining the outside of the boot, and small, pliable pieces of rubber protruding through the sole to provide some extra grip.

So, how does it perform? I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Whether you’re playing on a clean indoor court, a dusty indoor court or even on concrete, you will get the best possible traction from the Gresca. I’m also a big fan of how the sole lips up over the upper, so even if your not pushing off using the base of your forefoot, you still won’t lose traction. The Gresca is honestly one of the best futsal shoes that I have ever used when it comes to traction.


When it comes to futsal shoes, there aren’t too many options if you’re looking for premium kangaroo leather. The version of the Gresca that I tested featured a suede-finish kangaroo leather upper, with nylon inserts scattered throughout. One very important thing to keep in mind is that depending on the colorway of the Gresca, the upper materials will be different. So while the pair that I tested featured a suede-finish kangaroo leather upper, other colorways could be made from standard kangaroo leather upper or could even be full synthetic. So if you are looking to buy a pair online, make sure you know what you’re getting when it comes to upper materials (if you have a preference).

The suede-finish kangaroo leather covers all the main sections of the boot that are commonly used to make touches on the ball. The only part of the shoe that isn’t leather that will have an impact on your feel for the ball is the tongue, which is made from padded mesh. The leather itself is very soft and flexible, providing a slightly cushioned touch on the ball. The suede-finish of the leather also adds a little bit of extra grip when making very precise touches, without giving the upper a sticky feel. The mesh tongue also feels pretty good, although I would have preferred it to be leather, matching the rest of the shoe in thickness once you tie the laces tight.

One of the futsal specific features on the Gresca is the plastic strip that wraps the toe and forefoot area of the boot. This small plastic strip is designed to protect your toes, as well as provide a more solid striking surface should you need to kick the ball with your toe. While it does exactly what its supposed to do when kicking the ball, it also adds a significant amount of extra bulk to the toe area of the shoe. If you prefer to have a very low-profile toe box, than you probably won’t be a huge fan of how the Gresca feels, as the toe box is fairly tall, and will never drop because its made from plastic. If you’re looking for something that has a very traditional feel, along with some futsal specific features and don’t mind a little bit of extra bulk, than you’ll love the feel of the Gresca.


Striking the ball in the MUNICH Gresca is nothing that you wouldn’t expect. The upper is free of any kind of striking elements, with only a slight amount of grip being provided by the suede-finish of the upper. The leather upper, along with the padded mesh tongue, will provide somewhat of a cushioned feel when striking the ball, and should you feel the need to strike the ball with your toes, the plastic toe guard will provide all of the impact protection that you could possibly need.


There aren’t many indoor soccer shoes out there with the same level of quality as the MUNICH Grescas. One thing to note about all of MUNICH’s products is that they’re made in Spain, so you know that you’re getting high quality materials and a solid construction. Nothing on the shoe feels cheap, and any area that could potentially be a weak spot is reinforced with more durable materials. Even the gum rubber sole is thicker than your average futsal shoe. While the price of the MUNICHs is on the higher-end of most futsal shoes, at least know that you get what you pay for with the Gresca. Whether you’re playing on indoor courts or even on concrete, the Gresca can handle it. If you’re looking for a futsal shoe that is built to last, than look no further than the Gresca.

The Verdict

The MUNICH Gresca is all about classic design, high quality materials and solid construction. In comparison to most modern futsal shoes, the Gresca might not strike you as anything special, but looks can be deceiving. If you’re a fan of simplicity and are looking for a premium pair of futsal shoes, than the Gresca is one of the best options currently on the market.


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