Nike Ordem 2 Copa America OMB Review

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Built for the next generation of footballers, the Nike Ordem 2 offers optimal touch with a new Fuse-Welded 12 panel design and unprecedented flight control with new aerodynamic NIKE AEROW TRAC grooves; and maximum visibility with High-Contrast graphics to help see the ball quicker.

Controlling the ball starts with the first touch, and the Nike Ordem 2 ball is designed and engineered for a highly sensitive feel and explosive response off the foot. The ball consists of 12 fuse-welded panels in a 3-layer casing system, and a poly-blend wrapped, free-floating six-wing carbon latex bladder.

The surface of the Nike Ordem 2 is debossed with NIKE AEROW TRAC grooves. Nike Football’s newest proprietary innovation, these grooves are engineered to grip and channel the air to produce the truest trajectory and most consistent flight, which help ensure stability and accuracy in mid-air.

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