Nike Ordem 2 Serie A Official Match Ball Review

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The Nike Ordem 2 is the Official Match Ball of Serie A for the 2014-15 season. The Nike Ordem 2 is designed and engineered for a highly sensitive feel and explosive response off the foot. The ball consists of 12 fuse-welded panels in a three-layer casing system, and a poly-blend wrapped, free-floating carbon latex bladder.

The Ordem 2 features NIKE AEROW TRAC grooves, Nike Football’s newest proprietary innovation. The grooves are engineered to grip and channel the air to produce the truest trajectory and most consistent flight, which help ensure stability and accuracy in mid-air.

The surface of the Nike Ordem is emblazoned with Nike’s RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology. This is a graphic pattern, unique to each league, which creates a flickering effect as the ball rotates. RaDaR makes it easier for players to see the ball in their peripheral vision, allowing for faster reactions and decision-making.

The question everyone wants to know is this an improvement over the Nike Incyte from last year, the simple answer is yes.

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