Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 Review

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I said it with the first Wave Ignitus and I will say it again with this Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2, this is the most comfortable soccer shoe on the market. I don’t know how Mizuno does it, but this shoe is super comfortable, from the minute that you put them on your feet, to the minute that you take them off. The upper is made from a very high quality kangaroo leather upper, covered in what Mizuno calls “Bio Panels”. These Bio Panels give the upper of the shoe a structure, almost as if the shoe had ribs. It’s a tough feeling to explain, but I would say that it makes these boots feel robotic.

The heel is lined with a very unique synthetic suede material that also has a kind of rubbery finish. It is very smooth but also grips your heel just a little, keeping it in place. One of the main differences between the original Wave Ignitus and the new one is that the Wave Ignitus 2 has an offset lacing system. I usually prefer the laces to be in the middle, but on this boot, the offset laces felt great. Because the boot seems to have a structure about it, the offset lacing allows for a large section of the upper the wrap around the instep and top of the foot, not only making them very comfortable, but also creating a very unique feel about them. Another large reason why this is such a comfortable boot is due to the very unique soleplate. The soleplate itself is made from several visible layers, one of which includes carbon fiber. It is stiff where it needs to be and flexible in places that it should be. The layers also eliminate any kind of possible stud pressure, which is always nice to have. There is truly no other shoe that is as comfortable and better fitting than this boot by Mizuno. This shoe will fit pretty much anybody in terms of width, so that is not something you need to worry about. I wore my usual size 9US for review and they fit very true to size. Because of all the Bio Panels, the shoe can be kangaroo leather without stretching.


Because this shoe doesn’t have a listed weight, I had to weigh it myself. It weighed in at 9.2oz, which is somewhat surprising for how light that they actually feel. When you have these boots on your feet, you would swear that they are sub 8oz boots. That being said, 9.2oz is still on the light side for a “power” boot. This boot feels much lighter than it actually is.


The soleplate and stud pattern is the exact same on the Wave Ignitus 2 as it was on the original. It uses a two piece construction, one piece for the front of the boot and a second piece that attaches at the middle of the sole and goes all the way to the heel. When you hold this shoe up to the light, you can see all of the layers of material that make up the sole of the boot. The reason that I am talking so much about the sole plate is because I think that its’ flexibility is what makes the traction so good. The stud pattern is also very unique and is unlike any other boot. It is composed of all bladed studs, but not short blades, but rather long blades that run along the sides and through the middle of the boot. This makes for a stud pattern that puts a lot of your foot on the ground, dispersing any kind of stud pressure and keeping very stable. Accelerating in a straight line is really easy, and small quick transitions are very smooth. This is one of those sole plates that makes you feel like you should be running at all times. It’s not the best stud pattern that I have ever used, but I really enjoyed using it.


The Touch that this boot provides is also very unique. Although the upper is made from kangaroo leather, I can’t say that is the feeling they will provide. The majority of the boot’s upper is covered in the Bio Panels. The Bio Panels are unique in that they are a very hard rubber. You will not feel the tackiness when touching the ball, like you would get from a Laser III. Instead the Bio Panels provide somewhat of a dampening effect that offers the same amount of grip in the dry as it does in the wet. This is part of the reason why I described this boot as “robotic”. It feels like the upper of the boot is right on your foot. Instead of feeling like a shoe, this boot feels like part of your foot, giving the shoe a very natural feel. I wasn’t a fan of the Bio Panels of the original Wave Ignitus, but Mizuno seemed to have tweaked it ever so slightly, making the touch on the ball much better on the Wave Ignitus 2.


This is another one of those shoes that offers various technologies that are supposed to enhance your shooting ability, and unlike most boots, the technology actually works. With the main shooting element being the Mukaiten panel, with the proper technique, this boot is the ultimate freekick boot. The Mukaiten panel is the large light blue panel that is located very high up on the instep of the boot, see the pictures above. This panel is made of a very soft and abrasive rubber material that is placed to control the amount of spin put on the ball when taking a shot. It’s not so much for bending the ball, but rather to apply no spin to the ball at all, making for a shot that will drop at random. I’m sure you have seen freekicks like this on youtube, or maybe even from Keisuke Honda of Japan. It is a difficult technique, but if you can do it properly, this boot will allow you to do it better. The Mukaiten panel was also on the original Wave Ignitus, but this time around it is almost twice as large and in a slightly different spot, making it easier to connect properly with the ball. The textured Bio Panels also have some effect on the ball when shooting. Because they are not tacky, they will not grab the ball when you strike it. I found the Bio Panels simply provided some really good and hard padding when striking the ball. I found that having the bio panels right in the strike zone due to the offset lacing was significantly better on the wave Ignitus 2, as opposed to the original.


These shoes will offer a fair amount of protection. The Bio Panels, although not their intended purpose, will pride probably the safest upper on a soccer shoe. They provide protection without being bulky. You also get a really big external heel counter that you don’t see too much of anymore. Overall, this is a very safe boot, possibly one of the most protective boots that you can get.


If you want the most durable shoe that you can get, definitely consider a Mizuno. I wore my original Wave Ignitus on every surface imaginable, and they are still in perfect condition. From mud, to turf and even on the beach running, these shoes can withstand anything you throw at them. Because the build quality is just as good, if not better on the Wave Ignitus 2, I can definitely say that these boots will be next to indestructible. Keep in mind that the upper is a natural leather and will require some maintenance such as cleaning and applying leather cream.

The Verdict

Mizuno knows what they are doing. They have produced a boot that is not trying to copy anybody else with the Wave Ignitus line and is really a stand-alone as far as soccer shoes go. I don’t usually praise a shoe for its technology, but this boot offers real technology that really works. This is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn and it feels like nothing I have ever tried. Wearing these boots is an experience that is truly unique, and if you are looking to get away from the mainstream market of soccer shoes and want to try something that is not only different, but one of the best, than look no further than the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2. If you are interested in getting a pair, click the “buy it now” link above for more info on shipping to your country, because they are available to be shipped worldwide.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch8 out of 10
Shooting10 out of 10
Protection9 out of 10
Durability10 out of 10
FINAL SCORE63 out of 70 or 90%
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