Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2 Review

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The Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2 uses a clever combination of low rebound memory foam that keeps the ball closer to the foot and high rebound sponge in the forefoot, which provides rich feel. The combined effect is improved dribbling speed, with 41.9% of players tested using the Mizuno Supersonic Wave saying they had enhanced control of the ball. Kangaroo leather tongue with mesh inserts on the tongue makes for great feel and comfort. Structural lateral overlays in the upper secure the foot whilst changing direction at pace, improving fit and foot stability. The wave configuration in the heel offers further stability and cushioning with suede collar lining offering a luxurious first fit. The boot offers fantastic traction by integrating Mizuno’s patented tiger claw stud configuration into the boot, which offers dual density studs to create uncompromising comfort no matter how hard the ground gets.

Comfort/ Fit

The one thing that you can always expect from Mizuno is an extremely comfortable boot, and that is exactly what you get from this boot. From the first time that you put them on your feet, the soft upper wraps your foot very nicely, and the leather tongue provides some nice cushion for the top of the foot when you pull the laces tight. This is something that I really appreciate about Mizuno, they don’t cut corners when it comes to comfort. They really do think of everything and know exactly what they need to do to make a comfortable soccer shoe. The insole is a somewhat textured synthetic suede material that is just textured enough to grip whatever sock is on your foot, making it nearly impossible for your foot to slide around inside the boot. The heel is also lined with a very smooth synthetic suede material, and sports a very similar low cut to that of the Mizuno Morelia. The upper is made from a very soft kangaroo leather, with memory foam inserts, that becomes very soft and pliable after around an hour of wear. From the first time that you put these boots on your feet, they will feel comfortable, and require next t know break-in time. I had no issues with stud pressure, as the soleplate seems to be layered, like most Mizuno soleplates. Something that I really feel helps with the fit of the boot if the strip of leather that wraps from the outside of the boot, across the foot, making for the tightest fit possible and minimizing over-stretching. The boot overall, fits fairly wide, like most boots do, and will fit pretty much any foot type.  I wore my usual size 9US for review and they fit me perfectly. All of the Mizuno boots fit very true to size, so if you plan on ordering, go with your normal size.


This boot doesn’t have a listed weight, but on my scale it weighed in at 9oz, which is a little less than average weight for a soccer shoe. Considering that it is a full kangaroo leather boot and how comfortable it is, I would call a weight of 9oz to be pretty impressive. It’s not light enough to be placed in the lightweight boot category, but for the type of boot it is, I feel like this boot is the perfect weight.


The Supersonic Wave uses a fairly unique stud pattern. It is made up of somewhat of a hybrid stud pattern, with the studs shaped as a combination of conical and bladed studs.  The stud patterns is difficult to explain as every singe stud is a slightly different shape, some being only conical, some conical and bladed and some are even multidirectional. The reason for making a stud pattern like this is because, in theory, you should have the best of both worlds. Conical stud patterns are great because they allow for a little more agility and blades are good because they allow for lots of grip when pushing off. So how does this hybrid version work? Pretty much like you think it would, but not as great. This stud pattern felt the most like a conical stud pattern, but did provide ever so slightly more grip than you would normally get from the average conical stud pattern. This is a good stud pattern that will provide plenty of grip, but it is not something that I can say is the best that I have ever used. The traction is exactly what it needs to be, which is very good.


This boot was predominantly designed with touch in mind, and more specifically than that dribbling. Mizuno claims that 41.9% of people who wore this boot experienced faster dribbling speeds and enhanced control. While this sounds very good, I can tell you straight up that these claims are a little bit crazy. I just don’t feel like you can claim that a boot will improve your dribbling ability, something based completely on skill. That being said, do I think that some boots are better for dribbling than others? Yes, I do. What Mizuno have done with the Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2, is they have taken a kangaroo leather upper and modified it using memory foam and spongy foam, in an effort to improve your touch on the ball. Does it work? Yes it does, and is probably one of very few boot technologies that actually does work. I’m not saying that the effects are huge, but you will feel a little bit of difference in comparison to other boots. The outside of the boot uses a very thin memory foam in the leather, while the instep of the boot uses a spongy foam inside of the leather. The outside of the boot uses the thin memory foam because that is generally the part of the boot that comes in contact with the ball when dribbling at higher speeds. The idea is that the memory foam will absorb just a little bit of the impact between your foot and the ball, thus reducing the chance of making an overly long touch, making for a more controlled feel. The spongy foam on the instep is there to provide a better first touch when receiving a pass and for a little extra cushion when striking the ball. I really didn’t notice much of anything with the foam on the instep, and to be honest, feels very much like a straight kangaroo leather upper. With all of that being said, the overall touch of this boot is great. My only complaint would be the sticky graphic that is on the outside of the boot that provides a little bit of grip. I feel like the boot could have done without the extra grip, but it being there does not make or break this boot. I really do feel like memory foam is going to be the way of the future as far as boot technology goes, with the Supersonic Wave’s only competitor using this same technology is the Nike CTR360 Maestri.


Shooting with these boots is pretty straight forward. There are no shooting gimmicks, so all you get is the feel of kangaroo leather between your foot and the ball. I always like shooting with thee more traditionally styled boots, but in order to have a good experience with this type of boot, it has to do certain things right. This shoe sports a leather tongue with mesh inserts that provides just the right amount of padding for shooting. The soleplate is also very important, and this soleplate provides plenty of stiffness, making for a very good shooting experience. Overall, shooting is great in these boots. It performs exactly as you would want it to.


Mizuno is very consistent in producing some of the highest quality soccer shoe on the market. The build quality and the materials used are some of the best you can get from a soccer shoe. One thing that I did notice with this boot is that the leather upper did soften up quite a bit after several hours of use, which is good for comfort, but not always so good for durability. That being said, I am very confident to say that these boots will definitely last at least an entire season.


No boot is made to be protective, but if you are looking to be protected when you play, leather is generally going to be the safest. The padded tongue on this boot, and the internal plastic heel counter will provide some good protection as well. Hopefully some of that memory foam will absorb some of the impact.

The Verdict

Mizuno is really good at developing technology for soccer shoes that actually works. What I usually call gimmicks, is actually a functional feature of the boot when Mizuno does it. This boot strives to do something different in combining classic styling and technological advancement in to one. The comfort and phenomenal touch make this a fantastic boot for anybody. Unfortunately the Supersonic Wave 2 is not exactly readily available to North America and can be a little difficult to get ahold of, something that Mizuno will hopefully change in the future.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE60 out of 70 or 86%
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