Diadora Reviews, Just Arrived Soccer Shoes, Latest Reviews — March 25, 2014 at 7:40 pm

Diadora DD-NA 2 GLX 14 Just Arrived

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  1. You should review the umbro geoflare and make a freekicks test of the predator absolion lz2

  2. Hey Josh,

    I’m planning on purchasing a pair of these, but I have one last question:
    Is there any kind of grip to the upper? Because neither do I like my boots to be totally smooth, nor as grippy as the LZ’s.

    Also, when I’m fine with a size 10 in the legend 5, I should stay with a 10 here, shouldn’t I?

    Thank you for your support!
    Greetings from Germany. 🙂

    • The matte finish upper doesn’t really provide much in the way of grip. In terms of sizing, I would personally go for a 9.5US, assuming that you wear a 10US in the Legend 5, if you want to maintain the same snug fit.

  3. These boots are a great lightweight boot. They are better than the f50s as far as comfort and durability. Plus the technology in the outsole, great shoe if you prefer this style of boot. Do recommend getting a half size smaller than most boots as diadora typically runs a little bigger. Overall great boot! Also these are what Antonio Cassano plays in!

  4. How does the touch of these compare to the MVX? Would you say they’re more cushioned?

  5. hey Josh i wear size 9 US in my CTR maestri and i was wondering what size do you recomend me ? for de diadora DDNA 2

  6. Hey josh, I’m looking for a high quality lightweight shoe from a smaller brand. Would you prefer the Ddna, the umbro velocity, or the mizuno basara?