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C6 Agility Shinguard Review

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Hand Made 100% Carbon Fiber Shell and ultra lightweight (2 oz) with the thinnest profile of any shinguard on the market.

Size Guidelines:

Small: 7.25″ Height – Players 3’4″ to 4’3″ Tall (102cm to 131cm)
Medium: 8.25″ Height – Players 4’4″ to 5’5″ Tall (132cm to 166cm)
Large: 9.25″ Height – Players 5’6″ to 6’2″ Tall (167cm to 190cm)
XLarge: 10″ Height – Players 6’3″ and Taller (>190cm)

To order a pair for yourself CLICK HERE.


  1. are there any takedown models for the c6 agility shinguards

  2. Is there any coupon code or deal for these shinguards, Josh?

  3. Do u recommend these shin guards? And are they protective?

  4. My c6 agility shinguard padding is comming off

  5. Hey josh $150 dollars is a bit to much are there other decent shin guards on the market that are pretty cheap?

  6. Sorry to bother you josh but just saying to you that I think you should make reviews on goalkeeper gloves since I’m a goalkeeper I want to know what goalkeeper gloves will give me the best performance and the best durability

  7. Hi Josh, just wanted to say great review and videos. I just wanted to ask when you purchased the shin guards did you purchase speed or max coverage?

  8. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of these, the max version in a size large
    would they fit in the storelli leg guards?

    • The Max version will be too big to fit inside the front pocket, but you can still use them together. Just put the Leg Guards completely over top of the shin guards, almost as a giant sleeve.

  9. Do you know if and or when the newest model is coming out?

  10. Do I need to buy a sleeve to keep the shin guard in place or does it come with one or need one at all?

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