Diadora Gamma Carbonio Shinguard Review

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Diadora Gamma Carbonio Shinguard Review

The Diadora Gamma Carbonio  is a shin guard that is unlike any other guard out there. It was designed for Totti when he broke his leg several years ago. Made of carbon fibre, this shin guard covers not only your shin, but most of your leg below the knee. The front part that covers the shin is strongest part of the guard, and is for sure the best proctection of any shin guard ever made. It is so solid that you can herdly feel most impacts. The rest of the guard wraps around the sides and back of the calves, nearly covering your entire leg. These parts of the guard are made of a softer, more pliable carbon fibre that, is still very protective in comparison to any other shin guard on the market.

I wore a large for review, and that covered nearly my entire lower leg. The price is very high at $200, but I can assure you that you are truely getting a premium product for what you pay. When wearing these shin guards, you feel an incredible sense of protection that you don`t get from any other shin guard. This shin guard truely can save you from breaking your leg, as well as preventing many other small in injuries. You will get a sleeves withh these guards as well. Overall, this is the best shin guard ever made. If you are truely in the market for the most protective shin guard available, than look no further then this incredible product by Diadora. Nothing even comes close to the level of safety that you will get from this shin guard.

10 out of 10

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