Adidas Predator Absolion LZ 2 Just Arrived

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  1. When is the typed review coming josh.

  2. hey josh im a center back and i dont know if to go with the adidas absolion lz 2 or the tiempo legacy??? cud u help me?

    • Your position has nothing to do with what boots you should wear. You’ve picked two shoes that offer very different types of feel for the ball, so you’re decision should be based on what your preferences when it comes to ball feel. If you ask me, the quality of the Legacy is significantly better in comparison to the Absolion.

  3. So is the sole plate much different from the previous generation of the predators and how is the sizing like?

  4. Currently have the puma powercat 1.12 and enjoyed using them but i like to get a new pair for each season. Any comparisons between the two and would you recommend this shoe if its £100 pound cheaper than the top end model?

  5. Hello Josh.

    I’m currently wearing a Mercurial Vapor 9 size 10, but since I have wide feet, it doesn’t feel comfortable.

    If I am going to get the Adidas Predator, what size would you recommend?

    • Assuming that you’re talking about the Predator LZ 2, it will be wider, but still isn’t what I would consider to be particularly wide.

  6. Hello Josh.

    Im thinking about purchasing a pair of mi-adidas predator absolion caus i like white out and black out boots and there 100 pound cheaper than the top end model. Do you know if there will stil be absolion written on the side of a mi-adidas absolion?

  7. hey josh, i wear a pair of absolion 2 in size 8.5US and there’s a little space at the end. If I buy a size 8 in order a tighter fit, it will be too tight in the other areas of the shoe? tks!!

  8. Hi josh
    I wear a 10.5 us sz in adidas f5 messi.
    What sz should i choose for adidas predator lz2 samba pack?
    Sorry 4 a bad english, Im malaysian.

  9. Hey Josh, I’m trying to decide between Hypervenom Phatal and Veloce II. I like comfortable and thin boots. Both of them are great, does the Hypervenom Phatal have an unnatural feel?? If so,I’ll go for the Veloce II