Adidas Predator Absolion Review

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The Predator Absolion is the first takedown to the very popular adiPower, but to be completely honest, these two shoes are actually quite different from each other. The main difference between the adiPower and the Absolion is definitely the fit. The Absolion doesn’t fit poorly, but it certainly is not a fit that is going to suit every foot type. The heel is on the wider side and fits very deep, while the midfoot and forefoot are very narrow. I would consider myself to have slightly narrow feet and I was surprised at how tight that the Absolion fit in the width. Given that they fit very narrow from right out of the box, if you do give them some time to break-in and stretch, they will give a little, but if you do have wide feet, you should probably stay away.

The leather that is used at the front of the shoe is honestly very similar to the adiPower, but again, from brand new, the toe box is very narrow. I also had some minor issues with heel slippage, but that problem seemed to disappear after a couple hours of use. It is also worth noting that the overall feel of the Absolion is a significantly stiffer shoe through the soleplate than the adiPower. As far as sizing goes, the Absolion definitely fits true to size in the length, and I was able to wear my usual size 9US with no problems, but keep in mind that these definitely do fit on the narrow side. The overall fit and feel of the shoe is somewhat on the bulky side, mainly due to the stiff sole, the synthetic tongue and the striking element. To be completely honest, the shoe fits alright, but it definitely doesn’t offer that premium feel that some might expect.


The Absolion doesn’t have that same lightweight feel as the adiPowers. The Absolion weighs in at an average 10oz, which is not heavy by any means, but is significantly more than the adiPower, which weighs in at 7.8oz. It is clear that the extra weight is gained in the soleplate, but like I said earlier, they offer a much stiffer, more solid feel than the adiPower, which is alright with me.


The stud pattern on the Absolion is nearly identical to that of the adiPower, minus the central stud in the forefoot, which is swapped out for two bladed studs. So, essentially what you have is the standard Predator Traxion stud pattern that has been on the last couple of Predators, as well as the last four adiPures. It is one of those stud patterns that has stuck around for so long simply because it is very reliable. It offers a solid amount of grip, is very stable and performs well on a variety of surfaces. It is also a stud pattern that can be used on turf, but keep in mind that the studs are a little on the longer side. The stud pattern also does a very good job of gripping when planting your foot for a strike.


As I have already described, the overall feel of the Absolion is very bulky. While the upper is constructed similarly and uses many of the same materials, for whatever reason, the Absolion just feels much more “heavy duty” than the adiPower. The main reason for this has to be the striking element, which just seems to feel very thick, and because of how the shoe fits, the striking element ends up being positioned more on the instep rather than the top of the of the foot. The forefoot of the shoe offers a leather touch, but the instep and outstep of the shoe just feels fairly cheap to be honest, almost like plastic. It definitely doesn’t offer the worst touch that I have ever felt, but for what the shoe costs, I expected a little better feel.


Striking in the ball with the Absolion feels great to be honest. The stiffness of the soleplate gives the shoe a very solid feel when striking the ball, similar to the feel that the Predator offers when striking the ball. There also seems to be much more padding in between your foot and the striking element on the Absolion in comparison to the adiPower. This means that you still get that solid contact when striking the ball, but there isn’t that extra element of feel due to the extra bulk. The striking element itself is identical to that of the adiPower. It is made from a very soft rubber that does a good job of gripping the ball. For me, what takes away from the striking in the Absolion is the strange fit, which gives the boot somewhat of an awkward feel.


Overall, I would say that the Absolion offers a very solid amount of protection. The striking element and the thicker outstep provide a very solid surface to cover the majority of your foot, so should you get stepped, there is a solid amount of material to cushion the blow. You also get an internal heel counter that will provide some protection from the back as well. If you are looking for some solid protection, the Absolion can definitely provide it.


The Absolion seems much more solid than the adiPower, a shoe that does have some durability. I had no issues with the Absolion myself and have not heard of any issues with the durability either. With some light maintenance every once and a while, I see no reason why the Absolion would not make it through an entire season of play.

The Verdict

Given that this is a takedown model, you can expect a drop off in quality in comparison to the top end model. While many of the material used on the Absolion are similar, or the same, as the adiPower, the two shoes remain to be very different from each other. The fit is very narrow, which is very unusual, and the overall feel is on the bulky side. I can’t say that I didn’t expect a more similar feeling shoe to the adiPower, but instead what you get is a shoe that I don’t really know what to make of. It is a tough shoe to recommend, simply because you have several other options in this same price range that offer a much higher level of quality. If you are really set on the Predator line, but don’t want to spend the extra for the adiPower, than you might want to take a look at the Absolion, otherwise, I would definitely look elsewhere, especially in this price range.

Comfort/Fit6 out of 10
Weight7 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch6 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE51 out of 70 or 73%
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