Adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball Review

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Adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball Review

The adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball shouts innovation and is a word that gets thrown around a lot when you’re talking about modern sports equipment. When referring specifically to soccer balls, they’ve changed a lot over the last ten years, with Adidas being the leader in producing new designs and new technologies for their premier match balls. All of this has lead to the release of the adidas Brazuca, the most advanced and most unique soccer ball ever to grace the World Cup!

Visually, the Brazuca is very distinctive. The ball features a white base, with hints of blue, orange and green making up its crazy appearance. It’s definitely the flashiest World Cup ball to ever release, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In terms of functionality, the graphics and patterns on the ball do a great job of allowing the players to easily spot how quickly and what direction the ball is spinning.

The design of the Brazuca is incredible to say the least. It features an all-new six-panel design, with each panel roughly taking the shape of an “X”, with several different curves and corners. These panels are thermally bonded to each other, which not only allows the ball to look and feel almost seamless, but also aids in keeping water off of the ball. The panels themselves are made from Polyurethane, offering a nice firm touch and great responsiveness, while the outside of the panels are finished with a fine dimpled texture.

When it comes to performance, I couldn’t have been more impressed. Adidas claims that the Brazuca is the most tested FIFA Approved ball ever, which basically means that they really concentrated on every aspect of the performance. In terms of feel, the Brazuca offers a nice firm touch and also has a slightly above average weight to it. With that being said, the ball is perfectly round and perfectly balanced, offering a great feel no matter what skill is being performed.

Adidas really emphasized the flight speed of the Brazuca, and after testing it out, I was thoroughly impressed at how fast this ball travels through the air! The Brazuca travels noticeably faster than any other ball that I have ever used, and that in itself is amazing. To put things simply, if you enjoy shooting the ball, who doesn’t, you will absolutely love the Brazuca. It’s very responsive, and since there are only six panels, the entire ball is the sweet spot, offering the exact same response and feel every time you make contact.

Going back to 2010, the Adidas Jabulani match ball received plenty of criticism from both players and consumers regarding the unpredictable flight patterns of the ball. I am happy to report that the Brazuca does not suffer from the same issue. The weight of the ball seems to keep it on a steady path depending on how it is hit, and I got that sensation of “put it where you want it” when passing and shooting, which is a nice feeling. One thing that I did notice is that the slightly higher than average weight to ball does not allow it to float, which plays into the faster flight speed of the ball as a whole.

For $160, not only can you buy yourself a piece of history, but you’re also getting a ball that designed to perform, and that it does. I have to admit that I haven’t been crazy about the last couple of Adidas match balls, but the Brazuca is different. The Brazuca is cutting edge in every way, and I can’t wait to see it in use this summer in Brazil! Strongly recommended.

Rating: 5/5





  1. Hey josh do you think that if I use this ball in my leage and someone misses the goal and it goes into a parking lot and skids and bounces a couple times a game, will that put holes in the ball?

  2. I have been fortunate enough to play with two different groups of players during the week both of whom use this ball. I find the ball definitely feels heavier than other balls and often it feels absolutely rock hard which has resulted in one session the ball just pinging off my boots every time I received it esp from the air. I switched out from the Predator LZ2 Absolions I had on to Nike CTR360s and the receiving problem was fixed. I found the ball to also bounce off v easily receiving with F50 Messi Turbo FG boots ie hard to trap to a dead stop, but it was good shooting and passing this ball with those boots. Recently I blocked the ball in the air from being cleared off the goal, and it was so hard/heavy/flew so forcefully that it twisted my left foot anticlockwise a bit and injured/stretched part of my ankle. Maybe they pumped the ball up too hard but other players did not seem to have the same problems are myself. But what you are saying about heavy and fast are spot on. How do you tell if a ball is pumped up too hard though?

  3. When playing on a grass or turf pitch, will the ball have dirt marks. If so is the ball easy to clean?

  4. How did you find the ball at various pressures? I’ve pumped mine up to 12 psi (within Adidas’ recommended 11.6 – 14.5 psi), and it feels incredibly hard. I used a Tachikara gauge, and I can still depress it some with my thumbs. While I know comfort can be a large factor in choosing your ball pressure, what do the pro’s play with? Is Adidas’ recommended pressure too high, or am I just used to balls that are too soft?

  5. Hey Josh,
    Thanks for the excellent review on YouTube! I have a question. I only have about $200 spend on world cup soccer gear. Do you think it is more worth it to buy the Brazil Jersey at $150 and the Brazuca Top Replique? Or do you think it is better to buy the official match ball without the jersey?

  6. I recently bought the ball and I was just wondering if it is okay to add air on the ball

  7. how it does on the concrete

  8. Hi Joshua
    Thankyou for a very interesting and detailed review. I just wanted to ask few questions.
    Is Brazuca the first ever ball to be thermally bonded and to use polyurethane panels? Was Jabulani the first ball to use panels instead of 32 patches?
    waiting for the reply. Thankyou.

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