Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Match Soccer Ball Review

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This is Nike Seitiro is the only premium match ball that Nike produces, and is probably one of, if not, the best match balls on the market. This is what you see being used on TV in all three of the biggest leagues in the world; the EPL, La Liga and Serie A. When you first hold this ball in your hand, it just feels very solid and well built. It stays more traditional in terms of how it is built, using more traditionally shaped panels as well as using stitching instead of thermo-bonding.

The main characteristic that I look for in a soccer ball is consistency, meaning that I will be able to predict where the ball is going to go should I kick it correctly. This was my main gripe with the Adidas Speedcell in that it is somewhat unpredictable when flying through the air, something that is not a problem at all with the Nike Seitiro. Nike has done a great job of making this ball feel very consistent. This is part of the reason why I love shooting with this ball so much. No matter what part of the ball that you strike, it feels consistent and predictable, which is something that is very important when passing, crossing and shooting.

The weight of this ball is also perfect. It is ever so slightly heavier than the other Adidas match balls, and for me, is the exact weight that I like to have in a soccer ball. The panels have some slight padding on them, but not too much to take away from some of the impact when you strike through the ball. The ball also features some very subtle dimpling as a finish on the ball, that is supposed to allow for a truer flight through the air. While I can’t confirm if this technology is true or not, I can say that the ball flies very straight and like I said earlier, is very predictable.

If you are on the market for a premium match ball, I would say to look no further. The Nike Seitiro is easily one of the best soccer balls available and will not disappoint.

Final Score 10 out of 10

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