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Nike J Guard Shinguard Review

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Nike J Guard Shinguard Review

If you`re looking for a shin guard that weighs northing, is thin, cheap and provides no protection, then look no further than the Nike J Guard. The shin guard is made of a thin plastic backed by a thin layer of spongy foam. It only weighs 1.8oz, so when it`s on your shin, you don`t even feel it. They are also very small. I wore a large, and even that was pretty small for me, I`m 5`11“. In the way of protection, minimal impact protection is provided. Even if you get kicked directly on the guard, you will feel almost all of the force of the impact. I would say that this is the perfect guard for people who don`t like to wear shin guards or who are looking for an extra pair for practice. At only $10, this is by no means an expensive piece of equipment. No sleeve is provided with this guard so you may need to purchase one of those as well. If you are in the market for a cheap, light shin guard, you can`t go wrong with the J Guard.

6 out of 10

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