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Adidas Copa Mundial Review

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Adidas Copa Mundial Review

From a technological standpoint, soccer shoes have evolved quite significantly over the past 50 years or so. If you look back 10 years from now, soccer shoes are now lighter, using all different types of synthetics and are incorporating all sorts of technologies, in hopes of creating the best performing boot possible. While I am all for innovation when it comes to soccer shoe, there is still one shoe that has stood the test of time, and that shoe is the Adidas Copa Mundial. It has been in production for the last 20 years, and for good reason, simply because it’s just that good. While the Copa may not have the appeal or the flair of the modern boots that are currently on the market, that does not mean that it isn’t as good, because many would argue that the Copa is the best soccer shoe ever. While I wouldn’t call any shoe “The Best Ever”, I would say that the Copa Mundial is timeless, and no matter where technology takes soccer shoes, it will always be around, and will always remain a viable option if you’re on the market for a quality kangaroo leather soccer shoe.


If you’re looking for comfort, look no further. The Copa Mundial is one of very few shoes that are designed to fit anybody. There is no need to worry about how wide or how narrow your feet are, because once your break them in, they will fit your foot perfectly. The upper of the shoe I constructed 100% from quality kangaroo leather. The leather is super soft from right out of the box, and only gets softer as you put more hours into the shoe. The out-of-the-box width of the shoe is slightly wide through the mid-foot, while the toe box and forefoot area are cut much narrower, almost giving the shoe somewhat of an awkward fit from brand new. Give the Copa a couple of hours to start to stretch and mold to your feet, and you will be left with a perfectly formed leather mold of your foot. The central lacing system and leather tongue allow you to tighten the boots as much as you would like, with no discomfort whatsoever. The only discomfort that you may have with these shoes will be during the break-in process, but the amount of discomfort is minimal, and you may not experience any issues. Like I said, this is a shoe that is suitable to any foot width. Even the widest of feet will have no issues with fitting comfortably into the Copa Mundial. As far as sizing is concerned, you must get the proper size to ensure the best fit. Buying these shoes with extra space at the toe will result in a sloppy fit after break-in, so getting a tight fit from right out of the box is crucial. Where I would normally wear a size 9US in mot shoes, I needed to go down a full size to an 8US in order to ensure the proper fit in the length. If you are planning on ordering a pair of Copas, I strongly recommend going down a full size to ensure the proper fit. The simple design of the Copa Mundial makes for one of the most comfortable soccer shoes on the market.


Weight is one of those things that I feel too many people are worried about, when it comes to soccer shoes. While it is nice to have lightweight soccer shoes, not because they allow you to run faster or move quicker, but because they offer a nice feel, it is worth noting that of all the shoes used in other sports, soccer shoes are y far the lightest. For example, if we look at the weight of basketball shoes, if you can find a shoe that weighs 10oz, that is extremely light, where as 10oz for a modern soccer shoe would be considered as “heavy” in terms of comparing them to some of the lightweight models that are also available. Soccer is the only sport where shoe weight varies so drastically, but don’t look at weight as a bad thing, because it has very, very little impact on your ability to perform, or in this case, run fast. As for the Copa Mundial, it weighs in at 11.7oz, which is slightly above the average weight of most modern soccer shoes. Do these shoes feel heavy? Absolutely not. Again, weight is more of a feel rather than a disadvantage, as many make it out to be. While there may be a little extra weight, with 1oz being very little extra weight, you also have to realize that the Copa Mundial does not cut any corners in terms of build quality or the quality of materials used, being one of the only full, kangaroo leather boots on the market. They are so comfortable that you will forget that you’re even wearing shoes.


The soleplate and stud pattern used on the Copa Mundial is a classic. Featuring a 12-stud design, the Copa offers a nice blend of grip, as well as offering plenty of maneuverability once your foot is planted. The forefoot features four studs on the outside, three studs on the inside and one support stud in the middle, while the heel features your standard four studs. All of the studs are exactly the same size and length, with the heel studs being slightly larger, offering a very stable and smooth ride when running. The studs themselves are also not overly long, making the Copa an ideal choice for use on harder playing surfaces. There is nothing revolutionary here, but this is pretty much the original “industry standard” as far as stud patterns went, before the introduction of blades. The traction that the Copa Mundial will provide is great, and will not disappoint.


If you want the softest possible kangaroo leather feel, than the Copa Mundial is the shoe for you. The entire upper is crafted from some of the highest quality of kangaroo leather that you can get. The forefoot, the mid-foot, the heel and even the tongue is crafted from high quality kangaroo leather. This gives the shoe a very uniform feel, where the feel on the ball is exactly the same no matter what part of the foot that you use to touch the ball. The upper provides an amazingly soft touch on the ball, and just shows why kangaroo leather is such a great material for use on a soccer shoe. Like I said, if you want to truly experience how good a kangaroo leather shoe can be, then I would strongly recommend trying out a Copa Mundial. One thing worth talking about is the large, fold-over tongue. The fold-over tongue is something that we are seeing less and less of in modern soccer shoes. To me, the fold-over tongue is something that I am not a huge fan of, but on the Copa, it really doesn’t bother me. The leather used for the tongue is so soft that is really doesn’t interfere with your touch on the ball. The tongue is also unfolded, so it won’t stay down from brand new. It is a preference as to how you will wear the tongue, either up or down, but I personally prefer to wear them with the flap folded down, over the laces. One trick for keeping the tongue folded down is to use clothes pins to hold the tongue down when you aren’t using the shoes, and that should help keep the tongue folded down when you are using them. Overall, in term of touch, the Copa Mundial is one of the best available on the market, and is probably the main reason why it has stuck around for so many years.


Striking the ball in the Copa Mundial is pretty straight forward. All that you get is the natural padding of the leather, the original striking element. The thick plastic soleplate also provides a solid amount of stiffness through the mid-foot, giving the shoe a very solid feel overall. There isn’t a ton to talk about here, other than how a simple design can still offer a great feel.


As far as protection is concerned, the Copa Mundial is a very safe shoe. The solid nature of the leather provides plenty of protection against impact injuries, such as getting kicked or stepped on. If you value having some extra protection out on the field and don’t want to be completely exposed, then the Copa Mundial is a good choice.


If there is one thing that the Copa Mundial still does better than nearly any shoe currently on the market, it is durability. The Copas are all made in Germany, so the build quality is of a very high standard. The kangaroo leather upper is some of the best quality on the market, and the shoe as a whole is just very sturdy. Keep in mind that the shoe does feature a natural leather upper, so some maintenance is required to keep the upper in optimal condition. Also keep in mind that the shoe was designed for use on natural grass, or firm ground. Use of this shoe on artificial surfaces, such as turf, will have a major impact on the durability of your shoes.

The Verdict

It is undeniable that the Copa is a great shoe. It is very rare that we see any type of product remain in production for such a long time with no changes, at all, in how the product is made. The Copa Mundial is one of those shoes that every serious soccer player should give a try, just to see what you’re missing out on. So many people ask me, what shoe is most comfortable? When it comes to comfort, fit and overall quality, it is hard to argue against the Copa. I would be very curious to see how many professional players would still be wearing the Copa if endorsement deals weren’t around, because I bet that it would surprise you at how many players would choose to wear this classic boot. If you want what many consider to be the best ever, than I would strongly recommend trying out a pair of Adidas Copa Mundials.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight7 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection9 out of 10
Durability9 out of 10
FINAL SCORE61 out of 70 or 87%



  1. Hey Josh, out of curiosity, why did the price of Adidas Copa Mundial rise so much? It used to be about 80 or $90 on soccerpro with the coupon code. Now it’s $135? What’s happened?

  2. Hey josh I’m looking into picking up a copa and had a question. My feet aren’t done growing yet and I was wondering, if I went a half size down as you said, I don’t think it would last that long, because I’m bowing through shoes like tissues right now. So I was just wondering if I should go a half size down instead? I would love to hear your thoughts, thanks.

    • If anything, having the right size will make your shoes last longer, as opposed to if you’re wearing shoes that are intentionally too big. My recommendation would be to get the proper size, as advised in my review.

  3. Hey Josh, my foot measures 13 inches and a width of 2e. I was never able to find a pair of cleats with said length and width, would the Copa Mundial work just fine?

  4. Which are the better buy Copa mundial or Nike premier

  5. Josh im torn between these and the 11pro 2..which would you honestly recommend? thanks

  6. Hey Josh,
    Can you please do a review on Kaiser 5 please, are they much different to Copa Mundials?
    What would you score the Kaiser 5?


  7. Hi Josh,

    Thank you for all the awesome reviews. Question: if I wear a size 9 (US) in the Adidas Mundial Goal (indoor version of the copa) should I get the same size in the copa mundial? Thanks!

  8. Hi Josh,

    Last question! I tried on the copa mundial fg in 8.5 (comfortable, a little tiny bit of room at the toe) and 8.0 (very snug, no room). Which should I get? I know you say go a size down and 8.0 is a size down from my mundial goals (size 9, perfect). However, my normal shoe size is 9.5. Appreciate if you can help with some advice as I need to get one of the white copas before they sell out! I will get it from your sponsor evangelistasports.


  9. Hey josh where can I get my hands on some limited edition whir copas size 6or7

  10. Hey Josh big fan of your reviews!!
    I wear a size 13 in the tiempo legacy and that’s what I wear for the club I play here in town but I want to order some Copas samba edition
    And I remember you said they should run smaller but what should I get exactly??
    I don’t want to get them too tight because of my big toes but should I get 12 or 12.5??

    Please respond ASAP
    And keep doing a good job on them reviews bro!!!

  11. Hi Josh, I’ve recently bought a pair of Copa, and I’m wondering as to how to clean the mesh material on back of the tongue. Is there a great way to clean them?

  12. Hi,
    Wanted to ask that are these better for harder surfaces or the nike premiers? Because i have heard that the premiers have a really thin soleplate.

  13. Is the weight of the copas similar to the wieght of the instinct?

  14. Hey josh, I have a kind of difficult question: I have a pair of mercurial 9 at size 12 and they fit big to me (I bought the wrong size online unfortunately), so should I get the copas at size 11 or 10 1/2? Thank you really much, you’re really good

    • 10.5US in a Copa will be similar in length to a 12US in the Vapor 9, which you said was too big. So I don’t really know what to tell you.

      • So I should get or a 10 or a 10.5, thank you!
        Another thing: what’s the best way to dry off cleats? I mean completely wet cleats, in general (in my case the mv9, but I think it’s the same for all cleats)

        • I can’t recommend a size based on a pair of shoes that are too big for you in the first place. There’s no answer to that question. Just let your shoes dry naturally. You can speed up the process a little bit by stuffing them with newspaper, it will help absorb some of the water, but that’s about it.

          • Wait josh, i forgot about this, a 11.5us ctr360 maestri 3 fits me a little bit tight, not excessively, what size on the copas should I get? (Sorry for bothering so much, but I got a good deal on a samba pack copa that I absolutely want)

          • Oh and another thing again: how does the stud pattern perform on artificial grass? Isn’t going to be ok due to the fact that they are conical, large and short?

  15. Could I wear these in 7.5 if I wear a size 9 in vapors

  16. Josh,
    Adidas World Cup SG (SG version of Copa Mundial) goes the same size as Copa Mundial? (which is a full size down to my usual size?)

  17. Hey Josh,
    My Copa Mundial Samba has just arrived. I really like the shoe. However, I am not sure if I ordered a right size. I normally wear size 8.5 U.S, so for Copa I went a full size down, which is 7.5. The fit and length is perfect right out of the box, but I am concerning of being overstretched after break in time. Would you recommend me to go 7 U.S (which is a full 1.5 size down to my normal size) or just stick to 7.5 U.S? I dont have much time for return or exchange. Need your quick advice.Thanks as always!

  18. Josh, please help me.
    Next year, I will play a championship in Minnesota. I don’t live there or in the US, so I don’t know how the weather is in summer very well.
    Some say the grass will be muddy, some say otherwise.
    So, I was looking at these and the Premier, and I wondered if I should wear the FG or SG version.
    Time has passed, and I still don’t know. And even though the competition is in July, I want lots of break-in time.
    So I ask for your help to solve my dilemma. I don’t know the climate and, personally, I never wore an SG boot to see how it feels, in terms of traction.
    Maybe you can’t help me, but any advice is crucial.

    • FG is the norm across all of North America. I would definitely go for FG.

      • Thanks for the reply. I don’t live in North America, so it’s a bit hard for me to know these things.
        Looking for a durable, protective boot with a good touch.
        I think the Copas might be it. If you have a suggestion, please say it.

    • I live in Minnesota, and in the summer, it can get up to around 33 celsius, which is extremely hot. While some fields can be very dry, others after rain could be wet and muddy. Though I would definitely go for FG, just wanted to give you an idea of the weather and temp.

  19. Hey josh I have an important question. Could I get away with wearing a size 6 uk because there is just under a thumbs width at my toes however I double sock. Or should I get a 5.5 uk but these are in junior sizes. Is there a quality difference between the junior copas and the normal ones thank you for reading and please reply

  20. Hey Josh, love your work.

    I’ve recently been considering a pair of Copa’s as my next boot and when I watch your videos on them, you often refer to them as a boot that everyone should wear at some point. I was wondering if there are any other boots that you would say this about? Maybe you could compile your personal football boot bucket list so to speak?

    Secondly, the reason I’m considering a pair of Copa’s is because I mainly play on harder grass surfaces and often get stud pressure from FG boots, even from less aggressive stud patterns like the Tiempo. When I tried the Copa’s on the stud pattern felt extremely comfortable, but I was wondering if there are any other boots that you would recommend for harder surfaces?

  21. Hey Josh. I am getting a pair of copa mundials this week, I have heard so many good things about them. My question is what size would i wear if i fit good in a size 9.5US superfly 4? Thanks Josh and please reply ASAP!

  22. Hey josh between these and the umbro speciali 4 pro, which one would you pick to play on dirt (hard ground, not mud). My practice field in Italy is in dirt and there are several teams with dirt fields. Thank you

  23. What is the difference between the Copa’s and the kaiser’s?

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