Adidas F50 adizero Crazy Light Now Available!

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The standard F50 adizero is already the lightest boot around, but Adidas has gone and made it lighter! Weighing in at a mere 4.7 ounces (135 Grams), the F50 adizero Crazy Light is the lightest boot ever! With several changes such as a new upper and redesigned SprintFrame and stud pattern, the Crazy Light adizero manages to shave a pretty significant amount of weight off of already lightweight boot.


The colorway is also a talking point, and certainly not what you might consider low-profile. It features a very “fast” looking design, with highly contrasting green and black coloring, finished off with a vibrant orange color. The bold styling makes the already unique Crazy Light even that much more crazy.


Keep in mind that this is not the 99 Gram adizero that was showed off by Adidas several months ago, but is instead an entirely different design. It is essentially the second coming of the F50 adizero Prime, an ultra-light variation of the adizero model from several years ago.


The F50 adizero Crazy Light is available for Pre-Order right now, but simply as a limited edition release, so if you want a pair, get them right away! As of right now, they will only be produced and available in US size 8, 9 and 10, so please keep that in mind. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER!

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