Trusox Performance Socks Review

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There are very few football products currently on the market that everybody and anybody could benefit from – Trusox is one of those products. Socks are the one piece of kit that always get overlooked and are predominantly viewed as “unimportant”. Trusox have made a splash in the soccer world, however, with several big-name professionals like Gareth Bale, Demba Ba and Emmanuel Adebayor endorsing the product and wearing it on a regular basis, with more and more pros giving them a try every week.


Socks as a whole haven’t really changed much over the years. Apart from slightly better quality materials and some extra padding to increase comfort, the same problem has remain unsolved – that problem is slippage. The soft fabrics used to build your average performance socks are very slippery against any surface they come in contact with. Sliding across the floor in your socks might be fun when you’re not wearing shoes, but when the boots are on, slippage is not welcome.

What makes Trusox so special is the non-slip applications on both the inside and outside of the sock, allowing the sock to grab hold of your foot, and prevent any kind of slippage within your shoe. The grips span the entire bottom of the foot, as well as around the back of the heel, covering all parts where slippage could occur. They are made up from a similar material to what you find on the grip of a golf club, providing solid grip with whatever surface it comes in contact with, even if it gets wet.


You wouldn’t think that something as simple as a sock could make such a big difference, but trust me when I say that Trusox will definitely have an impact on how your boots feel. With a regular sock, the only benefit that you’re getting is a comfortable feel, but there is a major lack of grip between your foot and the sock, as well as between the sock and your shoe. This allows for slippage inside of your shoe, making for a less responsive feel, and can also cause blisters. When you wear your boots for the first time with a pair of Trusox, you’ll be shocked at how much better they fit and how sure-footed you’ll feel.

The first time that you put them on, you’ll definitely notice the Trusox have a unique feel about them, but not in a bad way. Also keep in mind that you do have the choice between thick and thin sock varieties, as well as three different cuts; ankle length, mid-calf length and soccer length. The outside of the socks grip the inside of your boots, not allowing your foot to slide around when making quick, explosive changes of direction. This not only makes your boots feel more responsive, but also increases stability. One thing to note is that the Trusox must be in direct contact with your skin and the inside of your shoe, so wearing two pairs of socks is not recommended unless both pairs are Trusox.


There’s a reason why so many professionals are choosing to wear Trusox. Football boots are a tricky piece of equipment because it can be very difficult to get a perfect fit, and what makes Trusox such a great product is that they guarantee you the feel of having the perfect fit – a superb performance accessory for football, or any sport.

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