Goalrilla Gamemaker 6×12 Goal Review

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Soccer goals are what most would consider to be a training necessity, not only in a team environment, but also for individual training. What’s great about the portable goal concept is that you can make any open space into soccer field, with the only problem being that most portable goals just aren’t that great. The Goalrilla GameMaker is not only the best portable goal that I have ever used, it’s also one of the most affordable.

Design 5/5

By far the most unique feature of the GameMaker is that it is fully inflatable, making it incredibly easy to setup and ready to go in minutes! There is no assembly required, and the setup process is as simple as filling the goal with air, using the pump provided. The meshing on the goal is also permanently fixed, so you never have to worry about fiddling with the mesh when setting up. The GameMaker features “Baroforce” technology, which is essentially a three-layer material that makes up all of the inflatable posts and supports of the goal. This allows for a design that features to no metal, allowing for easy setup and takedown, as well as making the goal much lighter for improved portability.

One of the major problems that I have with so many portable goals is that they just don’t have the traditional look and feel of an actual soccer goal. The GameMaker is visually identical to an actual soccer goal, making for a very authentic feel. The standalone design of the goal also allows it to be used on any type of playing surface, whether it’s natural grass, artificial grass or even indoor courts.

Performance 4.5/5

Portable soccer goals aren’t always the greatest when it comes to performing and reacting like a standard goal. When the GameMaker is fully inflated, the posts and crossbar become surprisingly solid, and since they’re the same thickness as a standard metal posts, it has that familiar visual impact of a regular, which makes a big difference.

Should you hit the post, crossbar or one of the supports with a shot, for the most part, the goal reacts like a normal net would. If you hit the inside of the post, the ball will deflect into the net, and should you hit the post head on, the ball will bounce right back at you. Upon striking the post with a fairly hard shot, you will notice that the post will bend at the point of impact and then quickly bounce back. It’s one of the very minor downsides of the GameMaker, but something that just can’t be avoided with an inflatable design. With that being said, I have broken several other metal and plastic portable goals by striking the post, where as something like the GameMaker will absorb the impact and simply bounce back into shape.

Value 5/5

Anyone who has ever looked into purchasing a full size goal, or any metal soccer goal in general knows how incredibly expensive they can be. For a full size goal, you’ll be spending anywhere between $1500 and $4000, for something that isn’t even portable! The GameMaker is not only great because of its portability, but also because it is very well priced. The full size 8’x24’ GameMaker retails for a much cheaper $700, with five other sizes available at lower prices. The 6’x12’ size in particular is a very attractive option, in that you can use it as a regular, decent sized soccer goal as well as a training wall for free kicks, in a package that weighs 35 pounds and costs only $300! As a training tool, there is no better value that I have come across than a Goalrilla GameMaker portable goal.

Overall 4.5/5

There is no better piece of training equipment than a soccer goal, especially one that you can take with you and setup pretty much anywhere. The GameMaker turns any open space into a soccer field, making your backyard, a local park or even an open parking lot into a place where you can train! There’s no assembly required and you can setup and takedown the GameMaker in less than two minutes! It has the visual impact of an actual soccer goal, something that I can’t say about any other portable goal, and is built to handle even the hardest shots, without sustaining any structural damage. The GameMaker is a small investment to make, for something that can truly improve your game.

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