Nike5 Bomba Finale Review

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Nike5 Bomba Finale Review

The lightweight design of the Nike5 Bomba Finale turf delivers serious ball control for low shots and quick passes. It’s designed for enduring comfort and performance during indoor small-sided games on hard surfaces and artificial turf. Kanga-Lite water-resistant synthetic leather for excellent fit and ball touch. Shape-correcting shot shield to help keep shots low. Instep design to enhance touch and help maintain control. Multidirectional traction pattern for enhanced traction and grip. Recycled Nike Grind rubber on medial heel and toe for durability


The Nike5 Bomba Finale are actually pretty comfortable. They are made of the thinnest form of kanga-lite that Nike has ever released but is actually very soft. It doesn’t feel like a leather shoe, but more like a vapor style material with a leather finish. This is something that really adds to the comfort, coupled with a similar lacing system to the Laser III’s these shoes do a good job of locking your foot in place. They are actually a little bit on the wider side, but should fit almost any foot type. Because they are soft out of the box, the break-in is non- existent. These shoes are instantly comfortable, partially due to the swede lining in the heel area that only adds to the comfort. Again, just as the Elastico Finale, these seem to fit a half size small, as they felt a little tight in my usual size 9US.


These come in at 10.4oz which isn’t heavy but not that light either. Fortunately het actually feel pretty light due to the tight fit that they have. They aren’t crazy light, but they are by no means going to way you down.


These shoes have a very unique tread as they are made specifically for turf. Nike seemed to have taken some of the round hollowed out studs from their AG sole plate and mixed it with a traditional turf sole with the standard nubs. I would say that this is the most aggressive turf configuration that I have ever seen, as I feel that you could possibly get away with wearing these as hard ground shoes. Unfortunately, if you do buy these, you cannot wear them on a gym floor at all, so expect to only use these while on turf. Fortunately they do provide excellent grip on any kind of turf.


The touch on these shoes is actually quite similar to the Nike Vapor line as they are pretty thin. This is a good thing as they have that great leather finish so they feel really good when coming in contact with the ball. The instep as well as the top of the shoe is made of varying thicknesses of rubber in a honeycomb-like pattern. This did not have much effect on how the shoe felt apart from being a little bit thicker than the rest of the shoe. It didn’t add anything to the shoe, and to be honest, the shoe would have been much better without it.


Shooting with these shoes is also nothing special. The par that you strike the ball with is made of thicker hard rubber but doesn’t at all feel like the Laser III’s. I really don’t know why Nike didn’t just use that as the strike zone element on this shoe instead. The “power” element on the shoe really doesn’t do much of anything and I didn’t notice any impact on my shots.


This is something that Nike seemed to really look at when building a turf shoe. Turf is known to rip up any shoe while playing on it, but the sole of this shoe attaches to the upper with a hard plastic, that will not break down on the turf. The shoe overall feels very solid and well manufactured, with no signs of falling apart.

The Verdict

These are definitely the best turf shoe that you can but from any company out there. It is designed specifically for use on turf and does a good job while on it. The fit is pretty good for an indoor shoe and the kanga-lite material is pretty soft and comfortable.

Comfort/Fit8 out of 10
Weight7 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch8 out of 10
Shooting7 out of 10
Durability9 out of 10
FINAL SCORE48 out of 60 or 80%
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