Nike Tiempo Legend IV Firm Ground Review

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Nike has reinvented simplicity with this edition of the Tiempo Legend IV line, creating a boot that is quite easily the best version of the Legends ever released. The first and most important thing to note in getting a pair of these boots is the sizing issue. Nike has really done a great job with the sizing because they made the shoe fit very tightly right out of the box. The toe box comes very small and the boot fits really tight all around your foot, tight enough to where many people would go up half a size for a more comfortable fit. Don’t go up a size. The kangaroo leather on this boot is very soft and will stretch and the boot is made to form to your foot through a break in period rather than fitting right out of the box. A kangaroo leather shoe is supposed to fit tightly because, unlike synthetics, it will stretch and form to your foot.

After wearing the shoes for about 3 hours, you will notice how the boot changes shape to form to your foot, making for a perfect fit. Once you break in the boot and it has molded to your foot, these boots quickly go from feeling very tight to very comfortable. This boot is made to be comfortable, with its super soft kangaroo leather, the swede heel liner and the slightly padded tongue; this is easily one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Although there was a break in period, I was never uncomfortable and never even came close to getting blisters.  What Nike also did with this boot to improve the fit is adding kanga-lite on the sides of the boot as opposed to all kangaroo leather. What this means is the fit of the boot will be more supportive and fit tighter in the long run because kanga-lite, a synthetic, will not stretch like kangaroo leather will. I wore my usual size 9US for review and I would recommend you get your normal size. Even if you feel like they feel too tight at first, stick with them and they will fit properly after a couple hours of use.


This boot weighs in at 9.6oz, which is about the same as the other boots in its category, such as the Adidas adipure and the Puma King Finale. The boot is not heavy at all and is about average weight for a modern soccer shoe. You should not look away if this boot is not light enough for your liking, because it certainly makes up for it in all other aspects.


This boot sports a slightly different stud pattern than its predecessors, one that I would not call completely new, but instead a tweaked version of the old stud pattern. The core of the stud pattern is still the same. You get conical studs at the front of the boot and blades at the back. The small changes come in the two oval shaped studs that are on the outside of the boot. There is also a slight change in some of the studs as they seem to be hollowed out and then filled in slightly longer than the rest of the stud. It’s hard to explain, but if you take a look at the pictures of the boot, you will see what I’m talking about. Nike also added some little spikes at the front of the toe and the back of the heel, something that is supposed to be that little advantage over others in preventing a slip. The spikes are very small and aren’t in the way, so whether they have any effect or not, they are not something to complain about.  With these minor tweaks, I can safely say that I noticed really any difference performance-wise in this “new” stud pattern. In terms of how they perform, the answer is great. I really like having the conical studs at the front of the boot, they don’t grab as tightly but you have a greater sense of agility and change of direction. I guess what I mean is that when you plant your foot you never feel locked in to where you stepped, giving the feeling of being a little lighter on your feet. I experienced no stud pressure and had no issues with slipping whatsoever.


A kangaroo leather boot is always supposed to be based around the quality of the touch, and the Legend IV delivers one of the nicest touches in the game. The kangaroo leather that is used on this boot is some of the softest leather that I have ever used on a soccer shoe. Just touching the leather with the shoe in your hand, you will notice instantly how soft the leather really is. What is also really nice about the leather is that it isn’t overly thick. The leather isn’t super thick, but it’s not super thin either, it is in my opinion the perfect thickness. The kanga-lite material blends in quite nicely with the natural leather and is also really soft, giving the entire boot a very soft touch. The tongue is even a very quality leather material and it almost blends in to the rest of the boot, as it is the same thickness as the upper, and you can hardly feel any joints on the tongue. I would describe the touch of this boot as perfect. It provides just enough padding, a nice feel on the ball and is the same thickness anywhere on the boot.


Shooting with this boot is also really great. The soft leather provides a nice amount of padding when striking the ball and the overall feel is very natural. What I mean by this is that there is nothing on this boot the feels like it shouldn’t be there, or something is in the way. This boot offers simplicity at its finest and really feels great no matter what you are doing.


This is something that you can never really be sure about in a leather shoe. From past experience I can say that the Legend line of boots has always been one of the most durable kangaroo leather shoes that you could get. As I trust that Nike makes high quality shoes I don’t question they’re built to last. Just from wearing them for around 10 hours I can say that the new stitching pattern that Nike has used really did a nice job of keeping the boot from over stretching and the addition of the kanga-lite will also add to the longevity of the boot. I would safely say that this is a boot that will last you an entire season, but with proper care for the leather of course.


Most kangaroo leather boots do offer a little more in the way of protection than the standard synthetic boot will. Because no boot is made with protection as the main objective, it comes down to the small elements of each boot that do provide protection whether it was intended to or not. With the Legends, the boot is slightly padded so there is some protection there. The shoe also features an internal heel cup that is hard plastic which will definitely protect you from any kicks to the heels.

The Verdict

This boot is the perfect blend of technology and heritage. The kangaroo leather paired with the kanga-lite is the perfect combination to create the best molded fit possible. The leather quality is some of the best that I have ever seen and Nike really seemed to have perfected an already fantastic boot. Everyone wanted to see the flap removed on the old Legends and that’s what they got and more. This is a quality soccer shoe and really should be considered if you’re in the market for a new pair of boots.

Comfort/Fit9 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE60 out of 70 or 86%
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