Under Armour Core Short Review

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The Under Armour Core Short is the ultimate compression short as used by pro athletes in soccer, baseball hockey and the NFL. A revolutionary X design delivers support across the entire core (hips, groin, pelvis, quads, hamstrings) to boost speed and muscular performance. The support protects injuries and offers added energy when jumping, running, sprinting, or lifting. Constructed with HeatGear, the original second skin layer, which sparked the revolution of performance apparel. Offers odor control and UPF protection.

Does it work? The simple answer to that question is yes. Compression shorts have pretty much become the standard for almost all sports and have become a necessity among modern athletes. Since Under Armour joined the sports world, they have been known as the best of the best in the compression apparel industry, delivering high quality and cutting edge equipment. The UA Core Short is no exception. When you first get your hands on a pair, you immediately realize that these are unlike any other compression shorts on the market. They have an “X” pattern that is formed by a thick elastic-like that wraps around your entire core. This elastic material is very tightly woven and gives the shorts a very stiff and rigid feeling. It all seems very odd until you put them on, then it all makes sense. The shorts seem to wrap around your core, and really it compresses, but in a good way. It’s a tough feeling to describe, but I guess it would feel like you took the time wrap your groins, quads, hips and hamstrings all individually. Although this sounds like overkill, the feeling of support and stability that you fell when wearing these shorts is truly incredible. I guess the only way to really describe the feeling of wearing them is the feeling of being warmed up as soon as you put them on. As for making you faster, I am still doubtful, but preventing injuries is definitely possible. Because of how much support and compression the shorts provide, all of your muscles feel active, and you really do feel a little bit stronger.

Overall, I can’t recommend these compression shorts anymore other than that they are a must buy for any kind of sports. I feel that for $45 you can’t make a better investment in a piece of equipment that is really going to help you in terms of performance. This is truly a product unlike any other, one that you have to try in order to feel the difference.

Final Score 10 out of 10

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