Puma V1.11 SL Review

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The PUMA v1.11 SL redefines the lightweight soccer cleat with this incredible shoe that gives you the confidence to be your fastest! Built on a new last for a roomier fit in the forefoot, making this version of the v-series more comfortable. Premium microfiber upper with soft synthetic suede ankle lining for added comfort. Cushioned EVA insole with PUMA Aptolast that mimics the natural shape of the foot. Durable Pebax outsole with carbon fiber to minimize weight and provide optimum support and stability. Pointed stud configuration for enhanced traction.

Comfort/ Fit

One thing that I have always found to be the main problem ultra-light soccer shoes is the issue with comfort. That’s not to say that there are not currently any ultra-light soccer shoes that aren’t comfortable, but I never found a lightweight soccer shoes that remained comfortable past 90 minutes. What I’m getting at is that I have never worn a super lightweight soccer shoe that I could put on and feel comfortable in all day long. This is one aspect of the V1.11 SL that is really great because these boots truly feel like a sock when on your feet.

When I first put them on my feet, I was surprised at how comfortable they were. Just wearing them around the house, like I do to initially break in any soccer shoe, I honestly forgot that these boots were on my feet. I’m going to compare them to the adizero, because it is the only boot competing in that weight range. When I put an adizero on my foot, I feel like the shoe is very thin, including the sole plate, and that the shoe feels like there are parts missing in order to shave weight. In the V1.11 SL, this is not the case. The heel is fully lined in a soft, synthetic swede material and the rest of the shoe has a silk-like liner, making the inside of the boot feel like a sock. In the ultra-lightweight category, this is by far the most comfortable boot. As for the fit, the shoe still fits at a medium to wide width, which is about the same as most boots. One thing that has changed from the V1.10 SL is the lacing system, with the laces moving from the middle of the boot, to being offset to the outside of the boot. I didn’t find the offset lacing to change the fit of the boot, but the new tongue is much better than the old one. The biggest concern in how this boot fits lies in the sizing. Like the previous model, the shoe fits a full size small, so where I would normally wear a size 9US, I needed a 10US in this boot. If you get the sizing right the boot will fit great and because of how comfortable and lightweight this boot is, you can honestly put them on and forget you’re wearing cleats.


This shoe weighs in at a very light 5.6oz, which is exactly the same as the adizeros. The v1.11 SL also weighs 0.3oz more than the v1.10 SL, which is not enough to be a noticeable difference and this weight difference really should ignored. I think that the reason for the weight difference is the fixing of the durability issues that the v1.10 SL had, which I will talk about later. To sum it up, this shoe is super light, and if you’re looking for the lightest soccer shoe available, this is definitely one of your better options.


The stud pattern on the V1.11 SL is exactly the same as the v1.10 SL. The stud pattern that is used on this boot is shed down version of the standard V-series stud pattern from Puma. What they have done is eliminated some of the “unnecessary” bladed studs in order to shed some weight. Do you lose some traction? The answer is yes, but not a lot. I actually feel like having a minimal amount of studs on the bottom of the boot makes for a more agility based stud pattern. What I mean by this is that this stud pattern never seems to lock your feet into the ground. Straight line traction, as well as small quick changes of direction is great, but very hard cuts will not be as smooth. Overall, I felt that although this is not the best stud pattern in terms of straight traction, it really suits the boot well. When I wear a lightweight boot, I want to feel like I am never locked in to the ground, and should rather feel like I am always on my toes and constantly moving.


The upper of the V1.11 SL remains the same as its predecessor. The synthetic upper is different from the synthetic that you get on an adizero or a Vapor as it isn’t a single layer material. The upper is instead a thin pliable material that almost tries to give the feel of very thin leather. Not only does this make the shoe very comfortable, but it gives the shoe a very natural feel. The touch is very close to the foot because the upper is so thin, but because it isn’t very stiff, it moves with the bend of your foot, something that stiffer synthetics don’t do. If I had to compare it to another synthetic, I would compare it to thinner version of Nike’s Kanga-Lite material. This is one of my favorite synthetic uppers and I really does provide a quality touch if you’re looking for a close to the foot feel.


I had a complaint with the V1.10 SL in regards to shooting. It had a super thin mesh tongue that provided no padding what so ever for shooting, and I found that taking harder shots hurt my foot a little because it was literally like shooting barefoot. The V1.11 SL improves on this immensely. Puma have redesigned this area of the boot, moving the laces to the outside of the boot, making the strike zone free of laces. Usually this doesn’t mean much, especially on a speed boot, but the V1.11 SL does something very unique. The top of the shoe seems to have a slightly thicker upper, providing a little padding in the strike zone of the boot. Although this may not seem like much, in a lightweight soccer shoe it means a ton. I always found that I could never kick the ball as far, or even as hard in a thin soccer shoe, but the little bit of padding seems to correct the problem. Other than this little extra padding, this shoe feels like any other very thin soccer shoe as far as shooting goes. Chip shots as well as precise shots in close seem to come off effortlessly. If you like shooting in thin soccer shoes, you will like these boots.


This is an area where the V1.11 SL drastically improves over the V1.10 SL. The V1.10 SL had major issues with the studs wearing away, but this problem has been fixed in the V1.11 SL. The boot is very well made and is definitely going to be on par with the Vapors in terms of durability, and much more durable than the adizeros. If you are in the market for a boot in the ultra-light category and you need a pair that is going to last, the V1.11 SL is your best bet.


Like all other lightweight soccer shoes, protection is never the main objective. The protection that this boot will provide is minimal and should you get stepped on it will hurt. Like I described earlier, the top of the boot seems to have a little bit of a thicker upper than the rest of the boot, so the top of your foot will be slightly more protected than your toes. With that little piece of extra padding, this is one of the more protective ultra-lightweight boots on the market.

The Verdict

Puma have done a fantastic job of improving an already good boot that was the V1.10 SL. The V1.11 SL is super comfortable, super light and really impressive. This is really the only boot that challenges the adizero line in terms of weight, and while although many may not agree with me, I feel does a better job than the adizeros. If you really want the lightweight feel, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, than the Puma V1.11 SL is the perfect choice.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight10 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection7 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE61 out of 70 or 87%
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