Adidas F50 Adizero II Leather Review

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The fit and comfort of the adidas F50 adiZero II is far superior from the original Adizero, especially the leather version. The leather quality on the Adizero II is heads and tails over the original leather that was used on the prior leather version of the shoe. The new version has a much thicker and super soft full grain leather upper, that is pretty much as soft as any kangaroo leather. It is super soft right out of the box, and only gets softer after a couple hours of use. It is also much thicker than it used to be but is the perfect thickness for a soft leather boot in my opinion. The fit is the same as the original Adizeros, as these still fit at a normal width.  It is also worthy to take note that there is less of the boot covered is leather, as the leather part only cover the very front of the shoe, instead of running into the instep like the original. The tongue is made of a super soft leather material that feels great on the ball, but unfortunately allows for a considerable amount of lace bite. I wore a size 9US in this shoe but would recommend getting a half size down because they will stretch quite a bit. I found myself pulling the laces up to three time tighter from when they were brand new.  The leather version is slightly more comfortable than the synthetics, but does not quite fit as well as the Primes.


The leather version of the Adizero is the heaviest of the the Adizero line, but is still considerably lighter than the competition at 6oz. They will make you feel quicker. You really can’t ask for much lighter of a boot that is made of high quality leather. The weight is top notch.


This boot sports the exact same sole plate as all of the Adizero line, and is a good one.  They do a good job of grip while running forward, but because of how tall they are, I found myself not slipping, but having a hard time changing direction at high speeds. But as long as the fields you are playing on are not rock hard, you should find these shoes to grip quite well. The stud configuration also does a good job of keeping mud from sticking to the bottom of your shoes.


This is the whole reason to go for the leather version of this shoe. Although the synthetics feel really good in the dry, they are next to useless in terms of touch when it is wet. The leather is soft and supple and provides that classic quality leather touch that is still much preferred by soccer players around the world. You will not be disappointed with the touch from the fantastic leather quality that these boots provide.


Shooting with these shoes is great. Because of the light weight, you can generate more power in the swing of your leg, allowing for quick release shots in tight areas. You do get the feeling that your swing is a little faster, which may take some getting used to. The lightness also seems to give you the ability to move your ankle a little bit quicker, allowing you to adjust your foot more quickly to make that deceiving in-close shot to slide it past the keeper. I do have to say that the lack of weight does seem to have some effect on the overall distance upon making a long ball, but as long as you’re not taking goal kicks this should be a problem. The chassis of the shoe also provides a good amount of stiffness when striking the ball.


This is questionable with the leather version of the Adizero II. They did seem to stretch quite a lot after only 8 hours of use and are almost too big for me to wear now, although this problem could be solved by ordering a half size down. I also noticed that the leather did seem to be pretty rough in the toe area, which could be something to worry about, but it also could just be cosmetic. These do not seem as tough as the synthetic Primes, but as long as you order the correct size, you should have minimal issues.


This is probably the safest Adizero in the line. The front of the shoe has a pretty thick leather that is significantly more protective than the synthetic version. In saying that, the rest of the boot is still very thin, and it will still hurt should you get stepped on. This shoe was not designed for protection, but id=f you are looking for the safest one, go for the leather version.

The Verdict

This shoe’s so much better from the original leather Adizero. The leather is super soft, and Adidas provides a leather cream with the shoes so you can maintain that softness. They will stretch, but ordering a half size down will eliminate the worry of over stretching. They are super light and provide a great touch. Although I still prefer the Primes for their superior fit, I can say that there is not a better light weight leather boot on the market.


Comfort/ Fit       8 out of 10

Weight               10 out of 10

Traction                8 out of 10

Touch                    8 out of 10

Shooting               9 out of 10

Protection           6 out of 10

Durability             6 out of 10

Total Score         55 out of 70 or 79%


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