Puma V1.10 SL Review

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The PUMA v1.10 SL weighs just 5.3 ounces and with that number PUMA redefines our expectations of soccer boots and how much they should weigh. Supersoft and ultra thin premium microfiber. One piece of pebax with a carbon fiber inset to minimize weight and increase stability. A PUMA AptoLast mimics the shape of the foot.

Comfort/ Fit

I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with these boots and really do think that more people need to give Puma a shot, instead of just looking away. For the weight of this boot, lighter than adizeros, it is incredibly comfortable. This boot needs to be compared to Adidas’ adizero line because they follow the exact same idea, the lightest boot possible. I was impressed with how comfortable the adizeros could be for being so lightweight, but after wearing these, the adizeros don’t even compare. The heel is lined with a padded, very smooth swede-like material, similar to the adipower heel liner, and provides a very comfortable fit. The synthetic upper is the softest synthetic I have ever seen on a soccer shoe and is lined with a smooth silk-like material. The best way to describe the combination of the upper and the weight of the shoe is that it feels like wearing a sock. This is by far the most comfortable sub 6oz shoe on the market. Puma has also implemented a carbon fiber stiffener on the mid-foot area of the soleplate to ensure that the boot stays light but is still sturdy and supportive. I would say that this boot is about the same width as the adizeros, allowing for wider foot types to fit comfortably. The sizing is where you really need to watch out with this boot. I usually wear a size 9US in almost every shoe, but I needed to go up a full size to a 10US. If you are looking to get a pair of these, go up a full size to ensure the proper fit.


This boot is stunningly light. It is listed at 5.3oz, and it really feels incredible. In comparison to all three versions of the adizeros, I have to say that these feel the lightest. When you have these boots on your feet, you truly feel weightless. You will get a similar weightless experience from a pair of adizeros, but for whatever reason, these Pumas just felt incredible.


The stud pattern that is used on this boot is shed down version of the standard V-series stud pattern from Puma. What they have done is eliminated some of the “unnecessary” bladed studs in order to shed some weight. Do you lose some traction? The answer is yes, but not a lot. I actually feel like having a minimal amount of studs on the bottom of the boot makes for a more agility based stud pattern. What I mean by this is that this stud pattern never seems to lock your feet into the ground. Straight line traction, as well as small quick changes of direction are great, but very hard cuts will not be as smooth. Overall, I felt that although this is not the best stud pattern in terms of straight traction, it really suits the boot well. When I wear a lightweight boot, I want to feel like I am never locked in to the ground, and should rather feel like I am always on my toes and constantly moving.


The upper of this shoe is one of the nicest synthetic uppers that I have ever used. It is very soft, but still remains very thin, making for a very unique feeling on the ball. I would describe it as a barefooted touch with just a hint of padding. These boots feel really great when dribbling the ball and perform really well for close control touches on the ball. This boot is definitely on par with Nike and Adidas as far as top quality synthetics go and is certainly one of the nicest as far as thin boots go. One other thing to note regarding the thickness of the upper is the tongue on this boot. The tongue is very simply a single layer of thin mesh, like what you would see on most running shoes, providing the closest possible touch of the ball you could possibly het. Juggling with this boot truly feels like you are bare foot.


Shooting with this boot is very much like shooting bare foot. Because the tongue is so thin, you feel every bit of the ball when striking hard shot. Other than that small thing, shooting with this boot feels very similar to the adizeros, very thin and very precise. Making small chip shots feel extremely natural. Like I have said before, something about lightweight soccer shoes makes you feel more accurate in close. The one thing that is a little different about this boot for shooting is the carbon fiber stiffener. The stiffener makes the boot very stiff in the mid-sole, which doesn’t allow the boot to flex backwards whatsoever. This added stiffness is something that I didn’t find to be quite as good on the adizeros, making me prefer the Pumas a little more.


Here lies the main problem with this boot. The studs on this boot are made of a very soft rubber that wears down quicker than most soccer shoes would. This is not a huge issue, but if you are buying this boot as your only shoe that you need to depend on for an entire season, they may not make it. The only way that I can justify this not being such an issue is to use this boot as a pair of match boots and wearing a different pair for practice. The rest of the boot is very well made and is extremely high quality.


Like I always say about lightweight soccer shoes, they are not designed to be safe, only to be light. That is certainly the case with these boots. There is pretty much no protection on the boot whatsoever and you will feel every bit of the blow should you get stepped on. That being said, if you are considering a boot this light, safety should never be in your wanted criteria.

The Verdict

If you are looking for the ultimate weightless experience with a soccer shoe, I have to say that these would definitely be my pick over the adizeros. They are super comfortable, extremely light and the upper is very unique. Unfortunately the durability is not all there, but because these are now technically an old model, predecessor to the new V1.11 SL (which I will be reviewing soon), there are some great deals out there and you can grab a pair for half price and sometimes even less. If you are looking for a lightweight pair of match boots or just want to give them a try, there is no better time then now to pick a pair up.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight10 out of 10
Traction8 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection7 out of 10
Durability6 out of 10
FINAL SCORE59 out of 70 or 84%
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