Nike Free Hypervenom 2 Video Review

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hypervenom phantom free

To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Free Hypervenom 2 click the link above.


  1. I was thinking about using these as indoor shoes since the Hyper Venom II lacks the tacky/sticky texture and honeycomb pattern of the original. I did watch your review, it’s quite easy to actually to put rubber on the sole using plastidip. Were there any other reason you thought they were no useable as indoor shoes?

    Also I was wondering if it’s possible to buy sole plates. I am one of the people who play with FG shoes on turf and since I started buying the top of silo boots the sole plates have not held up. while the upper may remain pristine. I was wondering if it’s possible to put a sturdier sole plate on the shoe. (and skip buying FG boots all together and put a sole plate of the turf/ic shoes).. could always buy a cheap pair of shoes and remove the sole plate, but I thought there might be somewhere one can buy a sole plate.

    I know you don’t like playing in FG’s on turf but I really enjoy the extra traction,( it’s the whole reason i’m playing on turf in the first place ) and have been playing in the Magista SG Pros on turf for the last year.

  2. actually, i found an even better unorthodox indoor shoe, Nike Free HyperFeel Trail Running shoes. I think i’m done with Nike’s silos I don’t want to buy three sets of top tiers boots each year for each surface. In addition I don’t think Nike’s studs are necessarily designed for my style of play, which is why I end up wearing SG Pros on turf. So I’m gonna try playing in the Vapor Untouchables this year, they’re allegedly designed for grass and turf.