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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform Review


The Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform is a Limited Edition release and the very last colorway release for the first generation Phantom. At first glance, the boot is basic black. However, the heat-activated material on the upper transforms to reveal a vibrant orange pattern as the boot is worn, returning to basic black shortly after the player removes the boot from his feet. THis boot was available in limited quantities and sold out in minutes.

To read the full review on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom first generation CLICK HERE.

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  1. Hey josh,

    I’ve been using my hypervenom phantoms regularly for about 6 months now. In the beginning the fit was really nice but now the fit is a lot looser and the Nike skin feels overstretched. Is there anything to do to fix this issue or is it just time for new cleats?

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