Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 FG Just Arrived

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Adult Model

Nike JR Hypervenom Phantom 2 Model Below

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 FG click the link above.


  1. What is the price for the new hypervenoms?
    Thank if you can let me know

  2. When are the Nike Hypervenom 2 able to be purchased on world soccer boots? BTW, love all you do with you reviews and think you go into loads of depth. You are the reason i bought nike hypervenoms in the first place and i ended up adoring them. Thnaks

  3. Hi, can u make a comparison video of the nike hypervenom phantom and the phantom 2…eagerly waiting fr your hypervenon phinish review.,.

  4. How much do the hypervenoms 2 cost?

  5. How much are the hyper venom phantom 2

  6. i really want to try these new boots and really looking forward to trying them On. Hypervenom Phantom 2

  7. I was wondering if you knew the actually release date when you are able to buy them online?

  8. Josh:

    I’m just wondering if the upper has the same sticky/tacky feeling the Phantom I’s did? How would you compare the amount of grip on the ball to the magista obras which also have nike skin but aren’t as sticky as the Phantom I’s.

  9. just wanted to find out when these boots are out in the uk if possible?

  10. Hi josh, I currently am wearing a pair of puma evopower 1’s. I really like them mainly due to the shape as they provide my foot with a very good fit. However, recently I have been getting many issues with my feet and I think it’s down to the lack of support and thin sole plate (I feel stud pressure often). I am looking to get a high quality leather boot with good support/stiffer sole plate. However, boots like nike tiempo don’t have that nice anatomically shape like the evopowers, thus, I get lots of dead space. What would you recommend? The main boots I’m looking at are a pair of lazzarini’s at the moment however very spectacle as I can’t try them on. Thanks

    • I think a pair of puma king 2’s might be good for you. The fit should be very close to that of the evopower and it has a high quality leather upper too.

  11. Hey Josh,
    From your experience which model is most durable? Nike hypervenom phantom, nike mercurial vapor x or adidas mirosar10?