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adidas Messi 10.1 PIBE DE BARR10

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2015 so far has belonged to Leo Messi. No player in any major league has scored more goals than the Argentinian. Leo has been directly involved in 24 La Liga goals this year; no other TEAM has scored more. For club and country in 2015, Messi has played 17 times, scored 20 goals and grabbed 11 assists. His most recent hat-trick made him the all-time leader in La Liga hat-tricks, at just 27. Now, adidas has unveiled the new boots that will be worn by the world’s best player. The new Pibe de Barr10, inspired by the Barrio of Las Heras, Rosario, where Messi learned to play the game.

Las Heras was where Leo Messi first began his journey to becoming the greatest player on earth. The streets and pitches of the Barrio are where he first shaped his game. The new Pibe de Barr10 were designed in collaboration with Rosario-born graphic artist Ignacio Valentini in a style that pays tribute to Messi’s childhood. Fusing urban-inspired raw brush strokes with polished sleekness on the synthetic hybrid touch upper, the Pibe de Barr10 embodies Leo Messi’s footballing style; beautiful, yet dangerous.

Speaking about his new signature boots, Leo Messi said: “I did leave Rosario when I was young, but I still have my people, my neighborhood, and my favorite spots. Pibe de Barr10 have a lot to do with my life, my childhood and a lot to do with me.”


  1. Hey Josh, I play like 4 times a week and I was wondering: should have a couple pairs of boots? I have the Nike premiers and I’m looking at something different like the Nitrocharge. I have a bit of a budget but Is it a better budget to get the original generation Nitrocharge or spend 30-50 dollars more for the new generation (is the new generation that much better?)?

  2. Love the shoe looks amazing but sometimes when i look at it on one side it looks bland but on the other it looks beautiful.

  3. Some of the worst looking signature shoes on the market. Messi deserves better.

  4. Dang, again Messi won’t even wear the cleats they make for him.

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