adidas Finale 15 Berlin OMB Review


To see more pictures and video of the new adidas Finale 15 Berlin Champions League OMB click the link above

Joshua Vujovic (1130 Posts)

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  1. Hey Josh, I’m looking into the ask dad micoach smart ball. I was hoping to get it as a present for someone, and they would put it in their suitcase. But with the ball having advanced technology within it, can you deflate the ball enough for bit to be flat? And with the being said, do you even have to regularly pump the ball; does it ever deflate?

    • You still put air in it like a regular ball, but you do not fully deflate it. It comes in a giant box, so the ball can maintain it’s shape. It would not fit in a suitcase.

  2. Ask dad = Adidas -_- that autocorrect though.

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