Adidas Reviews, F50 adiZero Reviews — February 5, 2015 at 9:58 pm

adidas F30 2015 Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new adidas F30 2015 boots click the link above.


  1. Hei Josh
    please review an Umbro Velocita, they look so nice, excited to see how it perform..

  2. Hi Josh, please make a review to Adidas F30 FG 2015 model. I’m going to buy them and i want to know how they feel on feet and something about them. You’ve got great reviews and they have helped me a lot when i need new soccer shoes. :))

  3. About the liner on the inside, does it take a lot away from the barefoot like feel that we get from the F50s? And something else, could you do a review between the current f50 and the 2014 f50? Thank you.

    • I t doesn’t ruin the feel, but definitely takes away from the barefoot sensation that it would otherwise provide. There is a comparison video between the two models coming soon.

  4. i am looking for the football shoes. And i compared shoes like Adidas Predator Absolion instinct(blue/red), Nike mercurial Veloce 2(orange/green and white/neon),
    Nike Hypervenom phelon(white/blue), Adidas f10(pink/running blue), nike magista orden(green and blue),adidas f30 solar red. What do you think that which is the best boot among these?
    Please reply

  5. Hypervenom Phatal or the new Adidas F30

  6. i have very slim feet,i wear size 10. which cleat would u recommend?
    i had a ctr 360 trequatrista 10.5 and evo speed 3.2 size 10. both were too wide

  7. Hey Josh. You were really helpful in the past and i must say that i am enjoying my veloce 2 a lot, but i found out that the mercurial line has a tiny bit of extra length that still gives me blisters under the toe even after months of play.

    Anyway i am currently debating between the magista opus for 150$, 2014 f50 for 120$ and 2015 f30 for 90$. I understand that to each its different feel and weight sensation (with the f30 being the least premium and the heaviest) but in what order would you rank them based on best boot for the buck.

    Please Excuse my long post but your help is always appreciated.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. Hey Josh, I was wondering, since the f30’s have the liner in the inside, would this make the boot more protective if someone were to step on your foot? Compared to the f50’s

  9. Hey Josh, I have had these boots (Adidas f30) for about a week had 3 training sessions and a game on Saturday. I have noticed that the liner on the inner side of the toe box is separating slightly, created by a crease in the upper. Is this ok or are my shoes faulty?

    • It’s normal for the upper to crease, but things shouldn’t be separating. If you feel there’s an issue, I would contact the store you purchased them from and see what they say.

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