Puma evoPOWER 1.2 Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Puma evoPOWER 1.2 boots click the link above.


  1. Much better look then the prevous evopowers. I’m happy they didn’t include the polka dotted line going down the medial side (it was pretty ugly). I’m excited for the shoe and I’m definitly getting them, Nice job by Puma!

  2. Josh
    what is the first take down model for this boots?

  3. I’m getting new cleats. Should I buy the mercurial veloce 2 or the evopower 1.2
    I love both of these shoes. Ihave narrow feet. I want the best quality.
    I play left midfield, right midfield, CDM, and center mid

    • I personally prefer the evoPOWER 1.2, but they;re both great shoes. It just depends on what type of feel that you’re looking for. Your position has nothing to do with what shoes you should wear.

  4. Hey Josh,
    i normally wear leather shoes but i loved the Evopower 1 because of its lightweight Construction, the anatomical shape and the soft, nearly leather-like touch. Does the the 1.2 offer a similar touch or has it more like a barefoot feel?

  5. when will the review will be up

  6. What cleat would you recommend a defender?

  7. Hey josh I’m stuck on deciding evopower 1.2 or the f50s. I would say i have wide feet. I would like a shoe that I can shoot,pass,
    and dribble comfortably in. which of the two would you recommend? If you could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it, thanks!

  8. Hey Josh
    How is the traction on the evopower? Does the more flexible sole plate make it better/worse as an overall sole plate in your opinion?

  9. How does it compare to shoes like the mercurial vapor or the Adidas F50

  10. Hello Josh ! Whick shoes should i buy the puma ewopower 1 or puma ewopower 2.2 ?
    And which size should i choose i am a UK size 6,5 in the hypervenoms phatals which size should i choose in the ewopowers for the best possible fit ?

  11. Which shoes do you recommend to buy the puma ewopower 1 or the puma ewopower 1.2. The price of the puma ewopower 1 is 67€ the price on the puma ewopower 1.2 is 127€. So what do you recommend? Thanks for the answer it realy means alot to me.

  12. Hi josh I have quite wide feet but really like the look of the evo power 1.2 but what boots would you recommend for wide feet thanks.

  13. Did you do a play test for these bro?

  14. Hey Josh,
    I want to buy a pair of soccer cleats and I can’t decide which one. I like a lot the new evopowers,mirosar10, insticts, the new f50s and the vapor 10.I want a pair that provides barefoot feel for the ball, good traction, lockdown, good touch and good durability.But I don’t mind if it is a little bit heavy like predator instinct. Could you help me to choose?

  15. Hey Josh, which out of the opus and the evopower 1.2 offers more support when making cuts

  16. If I fit snugly into a size 8US vapor 10 would I fit into a size 8US Evopower 1.2?

  17. Hello Josh !
    I have the puma evopowers 1.2 in a size 7 uk
    And i’am considering the f50’s, in what size should i get them ?
    Thank you for your time i’m a big fan !