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Neymar Nike Hypervenom Phantom Liquid Diamond Review

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Football is important to Neymar Jr., so is family. His close relationship with his sister, Rafaella, is symbolized by a diamond tattoo on each of their arms. Just above Neymar Jr.’s tattoo is the word ‘sorella’ (sister), while Rafaella has ‘fratello’ (brother) above hers.


Neymar Jr. stands out from the crowd, on and off the pitch. The challenge for Nike’s design team was to ensure his boots stand out as well. Neymar Jr. launched the original Hypervenom in Rio de Janiero in 2013. He followed it up with a gold edition of the Hypervenom the next summer. Now, as Neymar Jr. enters his eighth year as a Nike athlete, he will debut the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond.

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Neymar Jr.’s affinity for diamonds helped inspire Nike’s design team to create the unique colorway. “We take inspiration from Neymar Jr.’s play and personality,” says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. “He attacks the defense with a style so fluid, it reminded us of water flowing between rocks. That’s when we started shifting our thoughts from incorporating a nod to diamonds, to creating a liquid diamond aesthetic for the entire upper.”

The NikeSkin upper of the Hypervenom provided a textured canvas, enhancing the dimension of the color. After experimenting with a variety of different shades, the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond began to emerge, with colorful accents as a nod to Neymar Jr.’s personality.

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  1. Joshua,
    In your opinion, which is the better cleat, the Messi 10.1 or the Neymar Liquid Diamond?

  2. Josh,
    please make a 200k sbcribers room tour video, curious to see your room decoration.

  3. Josh,

    Is there an AG version of this shoe? Recently, I am seeing less Nike AG versions of new releases.

  4. Do you know if the make these in kids sizes

  5. Hey josh as you probably know Nike will be releasing the CR7 gold edition superflys. Any idea what time they will release? And can they be ordered on a phone or is a computer the preferred method?

  6. Hey Josh. My wishes on a football boot is that they are comfortable, have a good touch on the ball while they are light, without the need to be super lightweight. Right now I have the Vapor X and are satisfied but wish they were a little more comfortable. I’ve looked at f50 adizero, hypervenom phantom and magista opus. Which boot would you recommend?

  7. Hi Josh I’m buying a new pair of soccer shoes next weekend and I have three choices and I want you to pick for me because I’ve seen some really reviews about these shoes and they are so hard to pick which one i want so here are my choices: Nike Hypervenoms Neymar liquid diamond, Nike CR7 silverware or Adidas Messi Pibe de Barr 10 which one would you pick for me. Please answer and thank you for reading my question

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