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This giveaway is for 1 (one) pair of soccer cleats/football boots of your choice. You can pick any pair that is In Stock or on Pre-Order, just make sure that the size that you need is available in the drop down menu on that specific product page. Also keep in mind that Pre-Order items will not ship out until they’re available. You are allowed 1 (one) entry per person, as long as you live in any of the listed Countries on the sign-up form. Should you win the Giveaway and are below the age of 18, you will need the consent of a Parent or Legal Guardian in order to claim your prize. All Giveaway Winners are selected at random.

This giveaway runs to December 12th, 2014. Once the Winner has been verified, it will be posted on the Giveaway Winners page on this website, as well as on the SR4U Facebook Fan Page. Once the Giveaway has ended, 1 (one) Winner will be Randomly selected and sent an email, notifying them that they have won the Giveaway. That person will have 24 hours to respond to that email in order to claim their prize. If I do not get a response from the Winner within 24 hours, a new Winner will be Randomly selected and the process will repeat itself until we have a winner.


1. CLICK HERE to go pick your potential giveaway prize. Remember, footwear only. Once you’ve decided on the shoe that you would like, click to that specific product page, and verify that the size you need is available in the drop down menu. If you don’t see your size, that product is unavailable.

2. Once you’ve decided on what you want, and have verified the availability, you’re going to come back to this page and fill in the Giveaway Sign-Up form. Your Name and E-Mail address are required. In the box labelled “Giveaway Prize”, comment the Model, Colorway and Size of the shoe that you would like.

3. Click “Enter”, and your entry has been submitted.

4. For up to 6 extra entries, check out the Social Media tabs. Each Like or Share via the listed forms of Social Media will reward you with 1 extra entry, giving you the option of having up to 7 total entries. Please keep in mind that extra entries are not required, but can increase your odds of winning.


  1. i hope i win. this will be my first pair of real cleats. good luck to all. thanks josh

  2. Great Job on all of your platforms! I didn’t even know you were on many of these! Thanks for the contest!

  3. Hey Josh, love the idea of this giveaway! I’ve entered obviously and would only imagine the insane feeling to actually win one! All the best!

  4. Good Luck everyone 🙂 you are great josh!!

  5. I really hope I win, this would be the best christmas present, as i dont celebrate because my parents think holidays are too expensive

  6. This would be so sick if I win 🙂 However if I don’t then, congratulations to the future winner! Good luck!

  7. Good luck everybody

  8. I really hope i win ..good luck to all and keep it up with the great vids josh!!thanks

  9. Thanks for a great opportunity to get one of my favourite football boots/soccer cleats 🙂

  10. Thank you for this awesome opportunity ( ° ͜ʖ °)

  11. This is amazing !!!!! Thank you Josh for this blessing give away!

  12. I appreciate all the informational videos on new cleats. They always help when deciding on my next new pair, especially with all the improvements in cleat design these days.

  13. I hope I win this giveaway because this will be the first giveaway I will ever win and good luck to all and thanks josh

  14. Love all Youur Videos! thx for the giveaway

  15. awesome way to give back 🙂

  16. Thanks josh! For giving us this chance to win a pair of soccer cleats / football boots of our choice thank you once again and good luck to everyone else that is taking place in this competition

  17. Good luck everyone!!

  18. thank you for giving away these shoes it’s a great idea also congrats on all the success, your a great reviewer

  19. Josh I love ur vids keep it up

  20. I think.. most of them is submitting Superfly :p my guess 😀

  21. Good luck for everyone! 😀

  22. I really hope I win

  23. Hope that every one has the best of luck but I hope I can get my first pair of proper football cleats

  24. Good luck everyone.

  25. Thanks Josh for a great opportunity to get one of my favourite football boots/soccer cleats.

  26. Thanks for this chance Josh! Good luck for all!

  27. Thanks so much for this great opportunity josh.

  28. Hope I win I really want these boots goodluck to everyone

  29. I have tried to win my favorite soccer cleats for over 1 year of entering this contest… and i havent win anything yet… i hope this is the one! Good luck to all of you!

  30. Thank you josh for this amazing opportunity to give everyone a chance to try and win a pair of high class soccer cleats, you are one awsome guy!

  31. Great Job Josh, best soccer reviews!

  32. Great things comes from great people. Thx for the opportunity josh

  33. Thanks for hosting this. Its a fun idea and its amazing that you give back to your views/fans. Thanks, good luck to all!

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